Navigating Atlassian’s Cloud Price Changes

September 13, 2022

Navigating Atlassian’s Cloud Price Changes

Atlassian has today announced updated pricing for all Cloud customers starting October 18th, 2022.

Both list and advantaged customers* will experience these price changes, the intention of which is to reflect Atlassian’s continued product investment and bring advantaged prices more in line with list prices.

List Price Changes

Atlassian Cloud Price Changes

Advantaged Price Changes

Atlassian Cloud Pricing Updated 2022

*Advantaged plans are grandfathered price plans that customers who purchased their licenses before a specific date have received. Historically they have been lower than list prices which are regular retail price (typically for new purchases).

Our Recommendations

At Blended Perspectives, we have a few recommendations to help you navigate these price changes depending upon your circumstances.

Atlassian Cloud Price Changes Recommendations
Summary - Atlassian Price Change

Summary Points

  • Increases to Cloud advantaged and list prices is effective Oct 18, 2022.
  • All quotes generated after Oct 18, 2022 will reflect new pricing.
  • Changes or orders after Oct 18, 2022 to your quote will automatically delete said quote. A new quote will need to be generated which will reflect new pricing.
  • Get in touch with Blended Perspectives for a complimentary price change impact report that will help you navigate these changes, keep your costs as low as possible, and find the right solution for you

We’re here to help you through these changes. Please reach out to work through the next steps together.