MARS Report: Cloud

June 22, 2021

Since we began collecting MARS data in 2018 cloud capable apps have grown remarkably faster than apps that are only on server or server & data center.

Figure 1 demonstrates growth based on app platform/platforms and their growth since 2018. Evidently, the biggest story here is apps that are only on cloud growing by over 400% in under three years. This is a fascinating story as it shows that vendors are spending time and energy focusing just on cloud performance and are reaping the benefits from it.

Cloud Server Data Center growth since 2018

Figure 1: Since 2018 (Free and Paid apps included)

With Atlassian accelerating the journey to the cloud and 90% of new customers landing on the cloud we would expect to see this be reflected in the Atlassian Marketplace. Through our Marketplace Analytic Research Service (MARS) we are able to delve into the data and quantifiably measure how cloud growth is reflected in the Marketplace.

MARS means that at Blended Perspectives we are uniquely situated to provide insight into the Atlassian Marketplace. MARS is our database containing over 2.5 years’ worth of in-depth data on the Atlassian Marketplace. We collect data covering all facets of the Marketplace including instances, growth, product, platform, license, price, reviews, and many more. Perhaps most interestingly, we have also carefully categorized all apps with over 500 instances (the 500 Club) which represent 83% of all Marketplace instances.

Figure 2 also demonstrates that this trend is continuing into 2021 with cloud-only apps majorly outperforming all of the other category splits.

Cloud Server Data Center growth in 2021

Figure 2: Since 2021 (Free and Paid apps included)

Furthermore, when looking at just paid apps, we see similar results: cloud-only apps are growing rapidly when compared to other platform breakdowns. Figure 3 shows that paid cloud-only apps have grown by 165% since 2018 versus 51% for apps on cloud, data center, and server and only 15% for apps that are only on data center and server (i.e. no cloud capability).

Cloud Server Data Center Paid apps growth since 2018

Figure 3: Since 2018 (Paid apps only)

When looking at 2021 growth, the data looks even better for apps with cloud capability and much worse for apps not on cloud. While apps on cloud have all shown impressive growth this year, Figure 4 shows that apps with no cloud capability have been severely stagnating. Apps on data center & server have contracted by 1% while apps on server only have grown by 0%.

Cloud Server Data Center paid apps growth in 2021

Figure 3: Since 2018 (Paid apps only)

Overall, our MARS data has been able to clearly paint a picture that, in both the longer term (since 2018) and immediate term (2021), apps with cloud capability tend to be thriving whilst those without are generally stagnating as users increasingly opt for cloud.

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