Marketplace reports and profiles now available!

March 24, 2020

Update: The data about number of instances downloaded in the Marketplace has been restored. Nevertheless, based on our experience working with our clients and our in-depth research into the Atlassian Marketplace ecosystem. Sorting through the thousands of apps available, finding the hidden diamonds, can be quite a difficult and time-consuming task.
This is where our unique expertise in the market can help you by analyzing and identifying the right apps to support your successful adoption of Atlassian tools.


You may not be aware, but the Atlassian Marketplace has been having problems for a week or so. The support team are working through the data and attempting to get it all sorted out. The net net is that today the number of instances is not available by app or vendor. This means today you are flying blind to make decisions on which are the apps right for you.

This is what the apps normally have

You will notice that in the testing category (we are doing a Testing report update in Vancouver Wednesday) all three companies claim to be Number 1. How do you decide?

Enter our database tracking third party apps called MARs – Marketplace Analytic Research Service. We have all the data you need up to Feb 28th, by product, vendor or category reports. Today you can call us and we can tell you what you need to know.

Here is an example from testing;

You can see that we have a rich set of data that is available to you with a history of growth of instances and reviews.  This will allow you to see the hot products, market leaders and other useful data about the market.

We’re making two simple app profile reports available for all our clients for free and after that let’s talk!

Other reports;

  • Custom head-to-head reports
  • Vendor reports
  • Custom category reports
  • Custom analysis reports
  • Generic fast mover reports (including platform analysis where possible)
  • A combined annual research service including access to all of the above

If you would like to ensure you are making decisions based on the best data possible, give us a call or contact us by emailing or clicking this link: Customer Portal

As Atlassian focuses on cloud and performance at scale on Data Center – how you leverage 3rd party apps is going to make a huge difference in terms of your Atlassian ROI.  We’re here to help you achieve that ROI, today and tomorrow.