Manage Your Atlassian Licenses With Blended Perspectives

November 10, 2022

At Blended Perspectives, we are a leading Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner operating across North America. With over 16 years of experience in the field and a number of unique offerings that help bring value to our customers in ever more innovative ways, we help our customers maximize the value they’re getting from their Atlassian stack.

With Atlassian primarily acting as a product-first organization, as a Solution Partner, we operate as Atlassian’s ‘boots on the ground’, assisting customers with Atlassian Solutions, Training, Hosting, and Licensing.

While there are a number of upsides to working with Blended Perspectives in the professional services and consulting space, benefiting from our SYNTHESIS™ Solution Blueprints and suite of Atlassian & business certified staff, you may be surprised to hear that purchasing your Atlassian licenses through Blended Perspectives can also bring major benefits to your organization. Rather than buying licenses directly through Atlassian, working with Blended Perspectives can save you time, energy, and money in three main ways:

  • Marketplace Analytics Research Service (MARS™)
  • Dedicated License Support Team
  • Atlassian Partner Benefits

Here we’ll detail how MARS, our licensing team, and our partner benefits can help you and why you should be managing your Atlassian licenses with Blended Perspectives.


Marketplace Analytics Research Service is Blended Perspectives’ unique database of the Atlassian Marketplace. Combining data on instances, growth, reviews, categories, releases, and much more, MARS™ provides enlightening insights that bring order to the wonderful chaos of the Atlassian Marketplace.

Many customers find navigating the Atlassian Marketplace with its 4,000+ apps can be difficult and choosing the app to best suit your needs is very time-consuming. Thankfully, all customers buying their licenses with Blended Perspectives receive complimentary access to MARS.

This includes:

  • A complementary app assessment for all new customers in which we’ll quantitatively and qualitatively assess whether you’re using best-of-breed applications and find areas of potential app consolidation where there is cross-functionality
  • Unbiased, data-driven insight and access to MARS™ “Meaningful Categorizations” to assist you in your app selection
  • Creating an approach to migrate Marketplace apps from Server-Cloud, including for apps that don’t have a native migration path that may require a custom API or an alternative application

Dedicated License Management

At Blended Perspectives, we have an expert team dedicated to managing the Atlassian licenses of our customers. On top of providing support for your licensing, answering any questions you may have, and generally making your life easier, we can also help you with:

  • Navigating Pricing Changes
    – Our license management team can help inform you of Atlassian price changes and ensure that you are able to keep ahead of increases and lower your costs as much as possible
  • Co-Terming Licenses
    – It can be a lot of extra work when all of your Atlassian products and apps are renewing at different dates. At Blended we are able to match up your renewal dates (co-terming) to make things as stress-free as possible
  • Complementary System Reviews
    – When onboarding you as a Blended Perspectives customer we’ll complete a complementary system assessment. This will help ensure that your ducks are in a row and that any unexplored avenues for gain are not missed
  • Budgetary Support
    – The Atlassian landscape is changing all the time and your organization likely is too. Therefore, we provide complementary short and long-term budgetary exercises for our customers to ensure that we’re all ready for our next steps

Partner Benefits

Transacting your licenses through a partner structurally has a number of benefits when compared to buying directly from Atlassian. As a Platinum Solution Partner, we are a trusted representative of Atlassian which means we have certain perks when providing licenses to customers.

A number of key benefits we can provide as a Solution Partner are:

  • Payment Terms
    – Whereas Atlassian asks for payment upfront, BP’s customers can purchase with terms/via purchase orders to give your teams access to the software sooner
  • Extended Trials
    – As a Solution Partner we can provide extended trials, product demos, and onboarding guidance for Atlassian products and Marketplace apps
  • Competitive Pricing
    – Buying licenses from Blended Perspectives will never cost you more than purchasing directly through Atlassian
  • Advocacy
    – Working with a close Atlassian partner like Blended Perspectives gives you an additional voice in your corner to help you with any requests

We hope that you found our dive into Atlassian licensing insightful.

If you are interested in hearing more about what Blended Perspectives can offer in this space then get in touch with us!