Service Desk vs Service Now – it’s all over

July 24, 2019

We just came across this Gartner report which is called Peer Insights. If you believe in good research and you believe in good user reviews – the battle between Service Now and JSD (Jira Service Desk) is all but over.

If I were a fancy investor, I would short Service Now right away. We have been saying for a long time that JSD is the most advanced, most integrated Service desk product in the business for literally 20% of the cost of Service Now – of course being a partner has meant much skepticism.


  • 82% of peer reviewers recommend JSD vs 76% of Service Now
  • JSD won 13 categories of reporting, tying 2, losing none

The big wins were:

  • Reporting and SLA Management
  • Evaluation and pricing (no surprises there)
  • Integration and deployment
  • Service and support was a big surprise considering Atlassian’s model (likely some great partners like us!! Yet it validates the partner model idea)
  • There more reviews from the largest segment of customers for JSD than Service Now putting paid to the idea that somehow JSD is for smaller customers

How did this happen?

Firstly Service Now has a smaller install base with some 5-6000 customers vs JSD at 25,000 customers. Jira Service Desk is innovating faster and has a newer interface than SN. Because Atlassian will sell you 10 agents or 1000 agents, they have a larger customer base and more input and demand for features. Atlassian isn’t spending money on expensive sales reps or consulting teams – that’s what partners do. So more of the core R&D is going to product.

Service Now came out of the gate early and grabbed some of the biggest clients with a sophisticated cloud offering. Yet its time has come and gone. Enterprise pricing that is expensive, an older interface, a lack of direct integration with IT teams and a lack of flexibility mean that customers are now realizing the truth; it is possible to get more value for money for 20% of the spend.

Just ask VMware who replaced Service Now with JSD and called it “Service Next”!

One of the key reasons that VM Ware switched to JSD is that they were very impressed with Riada’s Insight a very powerful Atlassian Ap which combines to create a world class CMDB (Change Management Database with asset tracking). Our team highly recommends Insight and we, ourselves use it for all sorts of apps including CRM.

If you’re interested to learn how JSD can save you money and improve your customer service and support – contact us via our JSD portal and we would be happy to show you!

If you’re paying for tons of IT service features you don’t use, then it might be time to switch to Jira Service Desk.

This Guide book will give you 5 signs it’s time to switch from ServiceNow.

More about Gartner Peer Insights
Covering 340 categories, 5,500 products and 250,000 reviews – this is one of the largest, reputable peer based research services for IT. Reviews are rigorously vetted by Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company — no vendor bias, no hidden agendas, just the real voices of enterprise users.