End Users & Service Level Agreements: Jira Service Desk

March 24, 2014

Simplifying Jira for End Users: Jira Service Desk

Built upon more than a decade’s worth of Jira development, Atlassian Jira Service Desk was released to the public in the fourth of 2013. Jira Service Desk is Atlassian’s new Add On for Jira. Although it is unusual in that Service Desk changes the layout of Jira’s user interface. Furthermore, this is something that we have not seen previously for a Jira Add On.

Atlassian’s new Jira Service Desk product stands up for usability when used by end users!

Service Desk definitely simplifies the end user experience, asking them simple questions and presenting only  fields and navigation steps that they need. Without Service Desk, native Jira presents most screens with a multitude of options and a lot of detail. Additionally, these options provide a wealth of power for rapid navigation for technical users. However, those same options can be overwhelming for end users trying to perform simple tasks such as checking status requests.

Jira Service Desk new views can be quickly applied. This makes the customization of Jira for helpdesk purposes a comparably quick and inexpensive proposition.

Organizational Performance: Service Level Agreements

In pursuit of organizational or departmental improvement, service level targets and actuals are key. Jira Service Desk helps staff target what’s important according to how they are measured.

Service Level Agreements

Undoubtedly, it helps management measure the length of time service requests are left outstanding and thus quantifies areas for improvement.

Service Level Agreements

Finally, Jira Service Desk is mobile friendly, and available today.

Blended Perspectives can help you assess, implement or host Service Desk. Just Contact us today.

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