Is Tempo the world’s largest time management vendor? (aka Atlassian too?)

April 6, 2020

Its been a crazy week with Atlassian’s Summit and some very interesting acquisitions. Tempo’s acquisition of Prime Timesheets makes them now the undisputed king of the hill in this category.

Here is our category analysis snapshot on Time Management and it shows the nature of the acquisition in quite clear terms:

What this data shows is that Tempo just took out their single largest competitor. With this acquisition they now have a staggering 79% of all time management instances. This doesn’t include their planning apps fyi as they are in another category. Recently there have been some senior management changes in Tempo, but certainly this reflects Tempo doubling down in its core strength timesheets and time management. According to the announcement Prime Timesheet brings some 6,000 customers to the table and we would concur that there was likely little overlap for obvious reasons.

A couple of notable fast movers in this category also – Touchdown scored a touchdown with its growth being astronomical at 175% making it now the second largest vendor in the space. Herocoders continue heroically but are starting from a small base. There is still choice – yet it surely looks like a one horse race. It will be interesting to see how Tempo decides to work with both customer bases. A quick inspection of Prime suggests its an Icelandic venture (what is with Iceland and time management anyway?) with a small web presence.

We think time management is a hot topic in our newly virtual work environment. I have long being saying that where you do work is where you record time. Makes sense, yet for many companies its become a political issue of financial control as much as anything. If you have Jira it becomes inexpensive to bolt on a time tracking app. The Tempo app is slick, easy to use and powerfully supports more complex resource management and portfolio management apps.

Excellent use cases include;

  • For Agile teams ability to measure efficiency ratios via work on value added product vs non value added tasks
  • Hierarchical reporting and real time reports on which tasks are consuming the most effort
  • Holiday and training analysis
  • Feeds to project management and portfolio management apps
  • Forecast resource consumption vs actual as part of the planning processes
  • Historic time and effort benchmarks for future more effective forecasting

Sound impressive? That’s why this is a hot category – if you would like more information on how to leverage these apps get in touch. We’re also running a webinar on Real time PPM which will feature time management you can sign up here:

Finally returning to the question of scale – who else can boast 42,000 paid installs of time tracking and time management software? No one in my view! But I would be happy to hear an opposing view…