Hipchat Delivers a Knockout Blow!

September 28, 2015

Hipchat throws a punch…

Hipchat recently gave Fast Company a look at the fresh suite of features we can expect to arrive any day. With the group messaging market booming as a real-time alternative to the tortured back-and-forth of reply-all emails, Atlassian are making all the right moves. And we, at Blended Perspectives, can’t wait to get started!

One of the latest features that we have been fortunate enough to find out more about is Hipchat connect. It offers a unique approach by pulling all other Atlassian applications into Hipchat’s interface. Although it doesn’t directly address connectivity with the Atlassian stack; tighter integration with JIRA and Confluence can only be positive. This is in addition to Bitbucket and Bamboo of course! Hipchat can finally be a killer app for Atlassian users.

Steve Goldsmith, the GM of Hipchat, said that this move aims to “make Hipchat the mission control of many teams”. This comes after recent comments labelling the software “just a chat or video software”. The below article gives more details and a fascinating insight into what we can expect in the coming months:


With a proliferation of tools in the market, the idea of integration with a central chat room makes a lot of sense.
Not just for those high performance teams out there, but the entire workforce.
Bring on November!

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