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Résultats de l'enquête de suivi de la conférence sur les tests STAREAST

mai 12, 2020

On May 6th and 7th, Blended Perspectives hosted a virtual booth at the popular STAREAST Testing Conference. We had a great time, and are grateful to everyone who stopped by to check it out and especially to the over 100 people who filled out our survey questions on the use of Jira in their testing processes. With that in mind, we thought it would be interesting to publish some of the results from our survey that we found particularly interesting and important.

When we asked conference attendees whether they use Jira in their organization, a staggering 80.2% said they were already making effective use of it, with another 12% saying they were either considering it or simply needed more help implementing it. This just goes to show how ubiquitous Jira is becoming across all different types of organizations that need collaborative enterprise software in this digital age.

STAREAST Testing Conference follow-up survey results 1

Another important question we asked was the extent to which attendees were using Jira for testing purposes, and once again we got some interesting results. Of those who responded, almost half said they were already using Jira for testing, with another 10.6% at some stage of using it for testing (need more training/expanding current use), 26% who were unsure but considering it. We can see in these answers that many people consider Jira a highly capable tool for their testing needs, but that there is also a sizable population who need more help or further convincing of its capabilities. At Blended Perspectives, we can certainly provide both, so if that sounds like you, get in touch and we would be happy to address any of your questions or concerns.

La première question, à savoir s'ils utilisent les produits Atlassian, a été, comme vous pouvez le constater, une majorité écrasante de "oui", avec un peu plus de 77% de répondants disant qu'ils utilisent Atlassian. Dans le cadre de toute solution PPM en temps réel, nous pensons que si vous disposez déjà de l'application, celle-ci peut servir de base "gratuite" à des applications supplémentaires qui permettent de mettre en œuvre la solution en temps réel.

Si vous dépensez des sommes importantes pour une autre application, c'est vraiment un double avantage, car vous serez permettant une meilleure solution globale et des économies. 

STAREAST Testing Conference follow-up survey results 2

A final data point we thought interesting and surprising was that even though Jira is the second-most popular single tool for testing behind Selenium, over 50% of respondents told us that they were using another tool not mentioned in our survey. Responders in the “Other” category gave us over 40 unique tools that were being used for testing, leaving us with the shocking number of 51 total tools used in just our small survey. This showed us that even though Selenium and Jira are the leaders, the market for testing tools is open and competitive, and Jira has a lot of room to continue its growth in the testing space.

As previously mentioned, at Blended Perspectives we are certain that Jira is the best tool across multiple categories, including testing, and if you want to know more about how Jira can help your organization, let us know and we’ll show you.

STAREAST Testing Conference follow-up survey results 3
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