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In today’s environment marketing teams are striving to keep many balls in the air at any given time and cannot risk dropping or fumbling even one of them.  The team is typically responsible for maintaining a presence in both traditional and social media, creating and maintaining all marketing materials up to date and making sure those materials are available when and where they are needed, and for developing and executing marketing campaigns.

Any one of these activities, especially taking campaigns from concept to launch, involves an intricate multi-step process during which the people involved must work in concert to be successful.

Our expertise and rapid deployment techniques combined with a suite of Atlassian products, can quickly deploy a request management solution designed to meet your team’s specific requirements.

Yes – a busy department for sure with a myriad of activities that span everything from responses to last minute, emergency requests, to long term planning and execution of campaigns and new product launches, to the more routine but equally important work of maintaining a media presence.  Marketing teams need great processes and supporting tools to ensure that their journey from inspiration to realization of your marketing initiatives proceeds smoothly.

Would you be interested in a solution that will facilitate collaboration between your team and your stakeholders as they together to create, organize, and confirm plans, and will keep everyone up-to-date and on pace along the road to success? If so, Blended Perspectives a la solution pour votre équipe.

By implementing our templated item types that are useful for Marketing such as Campaign, Product, Event, and Objective as well as other more generic items such as issues,  we can create a vertical solution to support the marketing team.  Also included in the solution is a portal to support internal requests for Marketing support.

Cette solution offre :

  • Fonctions de collaboration améliorées let you rally the team to share ideas, campaigns, plans.
  • Space for your team and your stakeholders come together to create, organize, and confirm plans keeping content and context in the same place.
  • Des outils pour établir des priorités, faire le suivi et discuter. the team’s work in full context with complete visibility
  • fully integrated database with records of assets and configuration items
  • Rapports en temps réel
  • Un référentiel complet de gestion des documents avec Confluence
  • Sophisticated workflows in both Confluence and Jira

The solution includes the following products and add-ons:

  • Jira Core – assign task, monitor and report on progress of team’s activities
  • Confluence - publier la documentation/politiques/lignes directrices/procédures ; accès en libre-service.
  • Flux de travail Comala - ajoutez des examens, des tâches et des processus d'approbation simples ou complexes à Confluence.
  • Insight – keep records of assets and configuration management in a central database that is fully integrated with other tools.
  • eazyBI - compléter les rapports standard Jira en permettant de créer des rapports sous forme de tableaux croisés dynamiques ou d'explorer différentes options de graphiques et d'utiliser des formules de calcul prédéfinies ou personnalisées.
  • Éditions Comala – supports a for staged documentation process with private read-write master space for developing or updating content and public read-only spaces which are the snapshots of the master.
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