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Business Agility, built with Atlassian Tools. 

Was your organization built for 2020? Probably not. But adapt to thrive?

2020 has proven to be a year of unprecedented change. No industry is immune to the effects of the global pandemic.

Atlassian tools are renowned for providing teams with the ability to re-think, re-plan, and manage rework with ease.
Jira Align goes further, this is a formidable solution enabling business agility by re-mobilizing your entire organization to work at scale.

Blended Perspectives has the methodology, tools, expertise and technical capabilities to help you adapt. 



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New strategy,  process, or tools. We know which products are right for you, to help you adapt or pivot your business in today’s economy.

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Gestion des licences

We will save you money and time. Purchase and manage all of your Atlassian licenses through us, hassle free and catered to your budget cycles.

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Cloud or Managed Hosting

Focus on your business – we’ll deal with operations. Whether it’s Cloud or you Host your Atlassian products through us you won’t worry about upgrades. Our team will accommodate your needs.

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Mise en œuvre d'applications tierces

From hundreds of vendors, the Atlassian Marketplace is home to thousands of options that cater to your changing needs. We cut through the noise to make selection and implementation simple. 

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Support technique

Vous avez un problème ? Notre personnel certifié Atlassian est prêt à vous aider pour tout problème lié à la suite d'outils Atlassian.

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Formation Atlassian

Notre équipe offre une formation complète sur les produits Atlassian, adaptée à votre entreprise, depuis les cours d'introduction jusqu'aux cours d'administration.

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