Excellentable Spreadsheet for Confluence: MARS App of the Month (Nov 2021)

November 19, 2021
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MARS App Profile:

App: Excellentable Spreadsheet for Confluence

Vendor: Addteq

Primary Category: Business Analysis / Collaboration

Active Instances: 1,644

Instances Monthly Growth: 1%

Instances 2021 Growth: 4%

Competitor: Elements Spreadsheet for Confluence, Excel-like Tables for Confluence, Excel for Confluence


One of our unique offerings at Blended Perspectives is our Marketplace Analytic Research Service (MARS) database of Atlassian Marketplace 3rd party apps. 

While many Atlassian Partners make their own apps, we believed that we could bring greater value to our customers and the Atlassian Community as a whole by creating a quantitative and objective database covering every facet of the Atlassian Marketplace. 

MARS contains a vast array of data from instances, reviews, and pricing, to platform, app growth, and version releases. This is all tied together at the top level through our meaningful app categorization in which, for every app over 500 instances, we carefully assigned our own categories based on the primary functionality of each app, rather than using Marketplace app categorizations which are somewhat meaningless due to vendor self-selection. This means that MARS can give us a completely unique perspective into which apps are really excelling and driving forwards in the Marketplace. 

This month our MARS App of the Month is Excellentable by Addteq.

Excellentable Spreadsheet for Confluence

Excellentable by Addteq allows Confluence users to collaboratively create, edit, and share Excel style spreadsheets all from within Confluence. Rather than endlessly having to leave Confluence clicking on link after link as you try to find the spreadsheet file and version relevant to you, Excellentable users can easily view and edit their sheets right on the Confluence page itself. Since spreadsheet data is displayed on the page itself rather than in a link, users can also search for its content from Confluence itself.

Excellentable represents a major upgrade over the standard Confluence tables and its ability to harness the user interface and Excel-like usability, which is already familiar to most users, means that it is easy to pick up without an excessive learning curve.

Our previous editions of MARS App of the Month have generally touched on apps that are great for remote/hybrid working due to their collaborative capabilities and Excellentable is no exception. Collaborative, real time editing is a real differentiator for Excellentable and is great for saving teams time and energy. Excellentable has also seen some impressive upgrades this year so we’ll be sure to touch on those during our feature overview.

Excellentable vs Paid Competitors


Users who are familiar with Excel will recognize many of the features from Excel that they have come to know and love when using Excellentable.

Recent Updates

On top of these features, Excellentable has also seen some significant updates this year.

1) The new “Settings” functionality lets users make changes to the default assignment of a number of factors such as: Currency, Date & Time, Decimal Points, Font Family, Font Size, Number Format, Iterative Calculation amount, Column/Row Hidden/Visible default, Whether Excellentables are to be viewed in HTML or not, and Default Zoom Level.

These changes have made Excellentable much more customizable as users are now able to set their formatting preferences once and then leave it at that. 

2) “Newton” is Addteq’s new collaborative editing service. Since it is hosted by the customer it has allowed many customers, who were previously unsure about using the collaborative editing service hosted by Addteq, to make the most of collaborative editing in Excellentable.

Use Cases

As a fully functioning spreadsheet tool, Excellentable can essentially be used for anything that an organization would typically do in spreadsheets. Any work that accounting, HR, sales, etc… do in Excel or Google Sheets could be done in Excellentable. For instance, a number of hospitals have used Excellentable during the pandemic to track, document, and collaborate on COVID-19 related activities, tasks, patient intake & diagnosis, treatment plans and much more.

Furthermore, in most organizations with over 10 people it is likely that at least one of them will be living off and working on spreadsheets everyday. All of this work can be done in Excellentable for better visibility and ease of collaboration between team members. Organizations therefore could also potentially save license costs versus buying Excel itself.


Excellentable is a great addition to any Confluence instance for those looking to enhance their standard Confluence tables or to bring the power of Excel spreadsheets onto their Confluence pages. You can learn more about Excellentable here.

If you would like to learn more about MARS and how it can benefit you then click here or email us at hello@blendedperspectives.com.