Confluence Questions Equals Good Karma for Confluence

March 24, 2014

Have any Confluence Questions? We are sending some good Karma your way!

Excuse our terrible wordplay but we are incredibly excited for the new Confluence Add Ons. Atlassian has long had a history of beneficial add-on programs, however, this time round there is something different afoot. Confluence Questions and Karma for Confluence are a couple particularly notable for building knowledge and engagement.

Confluence Questions

  1. Wikis are principally a supply-driven platform. i.e. it is assumed that knowledgeable people will supply content that they believe others will be interested in.
  2. For as long as they have communication channels to and from the customers of this information, these writers may be in good position to judge what subject areas need to be addressed. However, especially in larger organizations, significant effort is often spent finding out what people want.
  3. Without Confluence Questions, a common approach is to ask users to respond to blog posts, one issue is resulting is that responses then don’t get organized into any meaningful knowledge base.
  4. Confluence Questions is an environment targeted at seekers of knowledge, i.e. those who have a question they want answered. It maintains a reward system for answers of questions, thus providing an incentive to participate and helps surface experts willing to share their answers.

Atlassian pitches Confluence Questions as follows:

  1. Ask questions once and tap into the collective knowledge of your organisation. Spend less time searching – ask your question, get an answer and get back to work faster.
  2. Recognize contributors and encourage the development of experts within your organisation.
  3. Answer and contribute. Unlock the hidden knowledge in your organisation. Watch topics that are of interest to you. Contribute answers where you can and up vote the most useful answers from others.
  4. Learn and grow Capture knowledge in a way that is easily accessible now and always there for future reference. Watch your organisational knowledge grow and develop over time.

Confluence Questions was released in Fall 2013, and it is still under fairly rapid evolution. Blended Perspectives Inc. has just completed an initial rollout for a non-profit clients. The software is now at the point where we would recommend its use.

Karma for Confluence

  1. While Confluence Questions encourages participation to ask and answer questions, Karma for Confluence uses gamification for encouraging participation across the site. It introduces karma points that it rewards in response to taking action.
  2. Karma for Confluence is presently has a fixed set of interactions (notably users get no points just for looking at something), but it’s a powerful concept and the vendor, Communardo, has a potent product on their hands.
  3. Things Blended Perspectives would like to see added:
    1. A “near you” type scoreboard. People like to feel they compete vs. the people close to them. An example of where this is done well is Foursquare. They show not just your overall ranking, but your ranking vs. the people 5 closest to them.
    2. The means to score not just individuals, but a group or team of users too. This would help create incentive whereby users would be motivated to help out their team members. And while tempting and useful to organize by department, perhaps creating and celebrating cross-functional team performance could generate a new spirit of cooperation across a business.

If you’d like to discuss how Confluence questions or Karma for Confluence can work for you. Contact us today.

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