Cloud Migration: Covid-19 – The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back

April 7, 2020

As Covid-19 continues to make remote-work a necessity nearly everywhere in the world, we are seeing a lot of satisfied Cloud customers, and a lot of companies wanting to migrate to Cloud. In times like these, some of the greatest strengths of Cloud systems are on display. This disease is a terrible tragedy, and these are not the circumstances under which we would have ever wanted to highlight Atlassian’s strong Cloud-based options, but as they say, when life gives you lemons… For companies wavering on whether to move from on premises to cloud Covid 19 is likely the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

By way of background cloud comes in 2 real flavors plus additional architecture types. See below:

The most important benefit of being on Cloud at times like these are the remote-work possibilities it provides. During critical events like the current epidemic, it is often not up to a company to decide whether their staff will be able to work from an office or work from home. In our province of Ontario, for example, the government has just announced the closure of all non-essential workplaces for an indefinite period of time. We are fortunate enough as a company to have been able to seamlessly transition our entire staff to a remote-work model (see here), but unfortunately many have not been so fortunate.

The remote-work capability that Atlassian Cloud provides ensures that during major, unforeseen events, your staff can continue working without disruption and business can function as normally as possible. Even during normal times, the ability for your staff to be able to work remotely allows your company access to the world’s talent as you can hire permanently remote employees, as well as provide your local staff with the option to work from home on occasion (which everyone appreciates).  In the case study attached we highlight an engagement we did for EQ Bank that involved their very successful migration to the Atlassian cloud.

Atlassian Cloud is also incredibly secure. It features two-factor authentication, single sign-on, SCIM, and SAML capabilities to meet nearly any security requirements.

An additional benefit to Atlassian cloud is that Atlassian are continuously releasing new features in the core products. Of course this does mean you have to be flexible to change.  If you still have reservations because of issues like data residency you can always have your apps hosted by a third party such as ourselves. The majority of the more successful 3rd party apps also run on the Atlassian cloud.

We know that this time has been and continues to be a tremendous challenge for many organizations, and at Blended Perspectives, we are operational and ready to help in whatever way we can.

How can we help?

BP understands that a part of the migration challenge is not just moving the core Atlassian apps but also working with third-party vendors where needed to ensure a smooth migration. We have extensive relationships and even in some cases custom pre-built APIs.
We’re ready to help speed your pathway with our Cloud Accelerated  Migration Services (CLAM). More to come!

Equitable Bank (EQ Bank) - Atlassian Cloud Case Study

Blended was able to work effectively with our Delivery and Operations teams to implement best practices, end -to- end development tools and its configurations based processes and approaches which were instrumental in our forward progress.

Dan Broten, VP of Technology