Category Report: Utilities

June 27, 2021

In our “Category Report” series of blog posts we break down individual categories and look into them in a bit more depth. Today we will be looking at Utilities.

In MARS Utilities are essentially the apps that are left over once everything else has been categorized–the apps often have a wide range of functions and often act to make instances generally more usable.

We can see that there are a significant number of utilities on the Marketplace and that they have grown at a solid rate of around 6% this year.


Atlassian Marketplace Overview

Figure 1: Marketplace Overview

With Atlassian focusing on cloud and performance at scale on Data Center, how users leverage 3rd party apps is going to make a huge difference in terms of your Atlassian ROI.  We’re here to help you achieve that ROI, today and tomorrow.

With the Atlassian Marketplace booming (instances have grown 99% from 2018 to 2021) customers are increasingly recognizing the incredible value that is available from using 3rd party apps. However, with nearly 4,000 available apps and 1.6M instances, navigating it can be difficult.

At Blended Perspectives our Marketplace Analytic Research Service (MARS) means that we are uniquely situated to help you with this. MARS is our database containing over 2.5 years’ worth of in-depth data on the Atlassian Marketplace. We collect data covering all facets of the Marketplace including instances, growth, product, platform, license, price, reviews, and many more. Perhaps most interestingly, we have also carefully categorized all apps with over 500 instances (the 500 Club) which represent 83% of all Marketplace instances.

The most popular paid Jira utility is Jira Misc Custom Fields. JMCF allows users to display calculated values to help build better screens, filters, and dashboards while also providing ‘hidden’ insights into who triggered a transition, status, or field change–information that is not accessible in Jira otherwise. Furthermore, with 20 point and click custom field types that take minutes to configure as well as a powerful Groovy editor users have both ease and flexibility depending on their needs.

Since JMCF is not available on Cloud then for those looking for a custom fields app on cloud Power Custom Fields (also by Appfire) is a great option. Although it doesn’t have as many custom fields as JMCF it is still a very flexible and powerful tool that will boost the functionality of any Jira cloud instance.

A common feature of Utilities is that they help users save time on all kinds of everyday tasks. Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira is a good example of this. With 13% growth this year, Canned Responses Pro is proving popular with those who want to save time and improve the quality and consistency of their everyday communications. With template messages for Jira and JSM users can respond to common concerns quickly and with a well-considered response that remains personalized through customizable signatures and content-aware macros.

By a long way the fastest growing Jira utility this year so far has been Easy Templates for Jira Issues. Like Canned Responses, Easy Templates helps users to save time on repetitive tasks as well as ensuring consistency and cohesiveness across projects and enterprises by allowing you to easily create issues, epics, and subtasks from saved templates. Easy Templates requires no configuration and can be used for a variety of scenarios including on/off boarding, hiring, bug reporting, user stories, test cases, product launch, feature release, and many more…

Top paid jira utilities

Figure 2: Top Paid Jira Utilities

Redirection for Confluence is the most popular Confluence utility on the market with nearly 1,600 instances. Redirection for Confluence lets you quickly and simply redirect traffic from a particular Confluence page through a macro to another Confluence page, a blog, an attachment, or an external website. The app can be customized to users needs, for instance by adding a time delay to the redirection or showing/hiding the notice that the user is being redirected. Redirection for Confluence is a must have for space restructuring and for version and release management to ensure everyone stays on the same page (literally and figuratively).

Task Reminder for Confluence is also a nice Confluence utility that will ensure users are staying on top of things. Task Reminder will notify users by email or Slack notifying them of any open tasks in Confluence. Task Reminder can be easily configured to ensure that reminders are useful and don’t become a bother through customizable sending intervals, groups of users who will receive notifications, and what types of tasks users will be notified about. Task Reminder’s remote work friendliness and very competitive Cloud pricing has definitely help its impressive 7% growth this year.

Top Paid Confluence Utilities

Figure 3: Top Paid Confluence Utilities

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