Category Report: Code Management

June 24, 2021

In our “Category Report” series of blog posts we break down individual categories and look into them in a bit more depth. Today we will be looking at Code Management apps.

In MARS Code Management apps are apps associated with Bitbucket and facilitate the better management and tracking of code activities.

Although we can see from Figure 1 that Code Management is not one of the larger categories on the marketplace and that its growth recently has not been spectacular, Code Management apps are still important tools for many developers.

Code Management Atlassian Marketplace

Figure 1: Marketplace Overview

With Atlassian focusing on cloud and performance at scale on Data Center, how users leverage 3rd party apps is going to make a huge difference in terms of your Atlassian ROI.  We’re here to help you achieve that ROI, today and tomorrow.

With the Atlassian Marketplace booming (instances have grown 99% from 2018 to 2021) customers are increasingly recognizing the incredible value that is available from using 3rd party apps. However, with nearly 4,000 available apps and 1.6M instances, navigating it can be difficult.

At Blended Perspectives our Marketplace Analytic Research Service (MARS) means that we are uniquely situated to help you with this. MARS is our database containing over 2.5 years’ worth of in-depth data on the Atlassian Marketplace. We collect data covering all facets of the Marketplace including instances, growth, product, platform, license, price, reviews, and many more. Perhaps most interestingly, we have also carefully categorized all apps with over 500 instances (the 500 Club) which represent 83% of all Marketplace instances.

Naturally, the majority of Code Management instances take place on Bitbucket–55% as we can see in Figure 2. This is in stark contrast to the marketplace as a whole where only 3% of instances take place on Bitbucket.

Code Management Platform Breakdown

Figure 2: Code Management Platform Breakdown

The top paid Bitbucket Code Management apps are Post Webhooks for Bitbucket and Yet Another Commit Checker.

Post Webhooks allows you to trigger notifications, builds, alerts, and more in a 3rd party system like Jenkins or Azure DevOps. Bitbucket administrators can filter by users and events to only post events when required. Post Webhooks is simple to set up and use and is generally considered to be the most reliable web hook on the marketplace–hence its position as the market leader.

Yet Another Commit Checker shows itself to be not just another commit checker but the leading commit checker in the marketplace. Its ease of use and setup combined with its reliability mean YACC is one of the best tools out there for ensuring developers are following best practices. YACC helps users maintain a high quality commit history through requiring commit messages to contain valid Jira issues, requiring committer name and email to match Bitbucket user, requiring commit messages to match regex, and validating branch names. Furthermore, repository, project, and global configuration combined with customizable error messages make YACC a flexible tools to suit the customized needs of all users.

Top Paid Bitbucket Code Management Apps

Figure 3: Top Paid Bitbucket Code Management Apps

Interestingly, paid Code Management apps on Bitbucket have not, in general, had a great year in terms of their growth. A potential reason for this could be that paid code management apps are losing out at the expense of many of the free options out there.

The fastest growing free Code Management app is Control Freak Hook for Bitbucket which has grown by over 10% this year. Control Freak markets itself as “Similar to YACC” and boasts many of the same features. Although it’s not quite as polished as Yet Another Commit Checker and without the same level of support, is an awesome choice for those looking for a less costly option.

Top Free Bitbucket Code Management Apps

Figure 4: Top Free Bitbucket Code Management Apps

Much like the paid Bitbucket Code Management apps on the Marketplace, Jira apps have also seen a relatively subdued 2021. The most popular app is Subversion ALM which gives you bi-directional impact & traceability between Jira issues and Subversion commits.

Top Paid Jira Code Management Apps

Figure 5: Top Paid Jira Code Management Apps

One area of Code Management that has been seeing some growth this year is Confluence apps. Open API Documentation for Confluence is the largest Code Management app on Confluence app and has seen solid growth of nearly 3% this year. Open API Documentation allows you to generate interactive and visually pleasing documentation embedded into Confluence pages.

Top Paid Confluence Code Management Apps

Figure 6: Top Paid Confluence Code Management Apps

Despite the impressive year that Confluence Code Management apps have had, the generally subdued growth this year can be explained partially by the incredible growth that Code Management integrations have experienced.

GitHub for Jira is by a long way the largest app on the Marketplace with its 65,000 instances being 25,000 greater than the next closest app Furthermore, GitHub for Jira and GitLab for Jira Cloud have been the two fastest growing apps on the entire Marketplace this year by absolute instance growth and have percentage growths of 33% and 94% respectively. These cloud based code management integrations are exploding on the marketplace as developers seek to ensure all of their favored tools are linked together.

However, this doesn’t seem to be happening to the detriment of Bitbucket as a whole which has seen growth of 3% this year.

It is also worth noting that although 3rd party Code Management addons may not have been booming this year, Atlassian’s launch of Open DevOps and Compass show that Atlassian is committed to meaningful innovation and growth in this space.

Top Code Management Integrations

Figure 7: Top Code Management Integrations

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