Introducing Our New Blended Perspectives Solutions!

July 6, 2017
With the aim of helping businesses improve efficiency and overcome the challenges all corporations face, Blended Perspectives is pleased to announce its new set of solutions!

With our new solutions, we intend to generate better collaboration amongst teams across all organizations. Each of the below tools is tailored to address the functional needs of different teams whilst supporting great teamwork.

Service Management

A great service management solution will benefit any team with internal or external customers. Our expertise, combined with a suite of Atlassian products, will enable your IT team to quickly implement a modern, flexible approach to ITSM with an ITIL-certified service desk that’s easy to use. Using JIRA Service Desk allows a self-serve option for the customer to enter tickets and then check their status.

Test Management

There are huge benefits to be realized by integrating your test management and software development tools. JIRA can also clearly present the entire development process by importing data from previous test management software.

Request Management

Across any enterprise there is a need to manage inbound requests from internal/external customers. What if there was a ‘service desk’ solution that promoted self-service and reduced the amount of repetitive work your team was doing, whilst also making tracking activities easy? Then we have the solution for your team.

Value Based PMO

Since many organizations use JIRA for their project execution it makes a great deal of sense to leverage JIRA to manage your overall Portfolio rather than buy yet another software solution and pay for an expensive integration. Advanced real-time portfolio, program and project management solutions can be quickly and cost effectively setup.

Human Resources

Often the Human Resources team find themselves working with a number of different software packages, such as those to support performance reviews, talent management or training. As a result, they spend non-value-added time updating various systems to ensure non-integrated systems feature the most current information. If this is true for your organization, then Blended Perspectives has the solution for you.


Every legal team needs the best tools to help them create and share documents, communicate effectively, and react quickly. Our expertise, experience and tool set, combined with our rapid deployment techniques will have your team working more collaboratively and efficiently within a short timeframe.


Marketing teams need great processes and supporting tools to ensure that your marketing initiatives proceed smoothly. We offer solutions that facilitate collaboration between your team and stakeholders allowing them to create, organize, and confirm plans.


Whether you are new to CRM tools, are looking to improve your CRM, or starting to explore options for integrating CRM, we have the solution for your organization. Our unique CRM solutions are an integrated approach which bands customer and organizational information together with all your tasks in JIRA.

Software Development

Software developers continue to face demands to produce great, high quality software at an increasing rate. We have the expertise and experience to rapidly deploy a world class, fully integrated software development solution no matter whether you are using Agile, Waterfall or another development process.

More Solutions Information Coming Soon:

DevOps — Governance — Intranet — Procurement — Process Management

Aside from the brief overview above, you can always browse through our solutions page for more information.

We look forward to providing you with the ideal solutions, helping to make your teams more collaborative and efficient!

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