Blended Perspectives’ App World – our selection of Atlassian Apps Developers

March 5, 2019

Atlassian has over 140,000 customers and that couldn’t happen without the help of a vibrant marketplace of 3rd party App vendors.
In fact, there are over 2000 third party apps in the Atlassian Marketplace.


We developed an analysis framework called the 3rd Party App Excellence Matrix (APEX®) to allow us to choose from the many excellent contenders. When we partner,  we partner for all the right reasons. This list is also just our first pass because day to day we work with so many 3rd party app vendors from time sheet management to PPM to document management and intranets. 

In the coming months we will be doing more analysis and surveys on best of breed apps by category. We have already done a comprehensive testing report here.

We’re launching today an all new service on our website that really enhances the presence of our partners because we believe that they deliver such incredible value to our overall solutions, enjoy!