New Apps in the 500 CLUB! – December 2021

Made up of all Atlassian Marketplace apps with over 500 instances, the 500 Club is a key part of our Marketplace Analytic Research Service (MARS)–Blended Perspectives’ database of 3rd party Atlassian Marketplace apps.
We created MARS in November 2018 because while many Atlassian Partners make their own apps, we believed that we could bring greater value by creating a quantitative and objective database on every facet of the Atlassian Marketplace.

2021 – The Tidal Wave Continues (A Retrospective)

2021 was Atlassian’s best year yet as soaring customer numbers and revenues sent its stock price through the roof. Atlassian stock started off 2021 at $243 and finished up at $383, an incredible 63% increase. This is compared to competitors like ServiceNow and Workday who saw less impressive increases of 14% and 15% respectively.

Appfire + Numbered Headings

Following their acquisition of Project Configurator for Jira in November 2021, Appfire has made another individual app purchase by bringing Numbered Headings into their significant app portfolio.
Numbered Headings is a very interesting app that allows Confluence users to easily number headings on their Confluence pages with numerous formatting options that make documented content simple and easy to organize.

Tempo + ALM Works

With their acquisition of ALM Works and its Structure suite of apps, Tempo has ended a year of major takeovers in the Atlassian ecosystem with one of the most significant of them all.
ALM Works are the makers of Structure – Project Management at Scale. Structure is one of the big two Planning applications on the Atlassian Marketplace (along with BigPicture). Structure is an incredibly popular product with 10,989 active installs while ALM Works’ more stripped back Structure.Gantt product has 4,779.
Tempo’s takeover of Roadmunk (an end-to-end roadmapping solution for building and communicating product strategy) in November gave us an indication that they were looking to make moves into the Planning space. However, this takeover has taken everyone by surprise. Although the acquisition is still fresh we think that this is great news, both for Tempo and ALM Works and for the wider Atlassian community.