Microsoft 365 for Jira: MARS App of the Month (October 2021)

Microsoft 365 for Jira is the number one Atlassian Marketplace add-on for integrating with Microsoft tools. Microsoft 365’s main selling point is that it allows for deep two-way integration with Outlook, Teams, & To Do – therefore giving teams operating on different tools the means with which to communicate transparently while staying on the platform they are most comfortable with. 

New Apps in the 500 Club! – September 2021

Welcome to the new Apps in the 500 Club!
Made up of all Atlassian Marketplace apps with over 500 instances, the 500 Club is a key part of our Marketplace Analytic Research Service (MARS)–our database of 3rd party Atlassian Marketplace apps.
We created MARS in November 2017 because while many Atlassian Partners make their own apps, we believed that we could bring greater value by creating a quantitative and objective database on every facet of the Atlassian Marketplace.

The 7 Highlights of the Atlassian World

A lot has happened in the Atlassian world over the past 3 months. Here are our 7 biggest takeaways: 1. Atlassian's Impressive Growth The biggest news in the Atlassian world over the past three months has to be Atlassian’s unbelievable Q4 earnings report on...

Whiteboards for Jira: MARS App of the Month (September 2021)

It’s been an awesome year for Whiteboards for Jira and the Spartez Software team! On top of Whiteboards’ 125% install growth this year, Spartez has been acquired by Appfire–a sure sign that there’s a talented team behind this app and that it’s definitely one that’ll be only growing going into the future.
Whiteboards is well suited to the new remote/hybrid work environment that we’ve all experienced and will continue experiencing so it’s no wonder that this app is growing at a remarkable rate. Despite many of the benefits that remote working can bring, meeting remotely can often fail to bring about the truly collaborative, creative, and structured meetings we all wish we were having. Whiteboards brings the benefits of in-person planning sessions but goes deeper with significant integration with Jira, real-time collaborative editing, and the ability to plan with partially distributed teams. Whiteboards’ growth figures reflect its growing popularity among dispersed teams.

The story behind Atlassian’s 81% YTD share price growth

2021 has been an incredible year for Atlassian–following the announcement of Q4 earnings on July 29th shares in Atlassian have soared through the roof hitting a high (at the time of writing) of $405 (Figure 1). In the space of as little as six weeks the stock jumped $125 on the back of a strong quarter’s results. What we’re going to explain is that this is truly encouraging for customers – because this is a huge growth stock with a massive increase in customers on an already massive scale. Its clear that when it comes to customers Atlassian is hitting it out of the park.