Come to DevOps Days Toronto!

DevOps – the practice of ensuring you have automated sufficiently to always be ready for release – is a fundamental driver for competitiveness in IT today. So, what better way is there to ensure that your organization is competitive than coming down to DevOps Days in Toronto?

We’ll be at Atlassian Summit!

Though Martin and Miles have attended many an Atlassian Summit, this year will be different: we’re Sponsoring! Along with Connie Crosby, one of Martin’s co-organizers of the 600+ person strong Meetup, Knowledge Workers Toronto, local blogger and our Confluence expert, the three of us will be there.

Atlassian valued at $3.3 Billion

For years we have known that Atlassian has a unique business strategy compared to that of its competitors. And it turns out that their strategy has been very successful!