HipChat, Atlassian’s Chat Client, is Now Free!

June 12, 2014

Hipchat, Atlassian’s Chat Client, has made a big move…

Hipchat is now free for all teams. The recent announcement of the pro version of Hipchat caught many users off guard. But undeniably, it’s screen sharing feature can be hugely beneficial to all teams. However now that Atlassian’s chat client, Hipchat is now free, we expect to see a much higher adoption rate. Something that can only be a good thing!

Both versions of Atlassian’s chat client, HipChat integrate well with JIRA, Confluence and Bamboo. Therefore it can announce to colleagues in a chat stream what’s happening, e.g. what tickets are made, pages are edited or what build status. This helps keep everyone up to date. In addition to providing a powerful venue in which your team can have conversations in situational context.

The room style layout of Hipchat has drawn much praise from all over the world. Pair this level of appreciation, with the move to distribute the Hipchat software without cost, Atlassian will undoubtedly get many more. In fact, with further developments also planned for the pro version of Hipchat, we could experience wholesale changes come fall.

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