Providing a uniform Assessment and Governance model will give every team the best possible chance of success.

Atlassian tools can operate in a centralized or decentralized system in order to best suit organizational objectives. Whether your organization is a large international behemoth or a small enterprise, it is important that everybody is working in unison. Once setup in one team, Atlassian tools can be institutionalized to provide a designated output across entire organizations.

For over 10 years, our certified experts have been providing a full range of services and innovative, cost-effective Agile, Scrum and Scaled Agile solutions built on Atlassian products, for I.T. and beyond.

Our unique, solutions based offering*, is powered by a proprietary set of templates and patterns, tailored to each business practice,process and complexity, enabling our clients from Norfolk to increase and achieve peak efficiency. We have deep technical skills in all things Atlassian and are also a certified Atlassian Training Partner.

*Provided in Norfolk by Blended Perspectives, Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and authorized Training Partner.

The flexibility of the Atlassian tools means they can operate in a centralized or federalized manner across multiple teams to achieve corporate objectives.

Centralization isn’t the only way… it is possible to have multiple instances running concurrently to ensure there is no overlap between teams!

With a clearly defined assessment and governance model, the Atlassian tools are able to fit in quickly and easy. Simply pick up and play!

There is no need to be overwhelmed by multiple tools or instances, we can consolidate to streamline your business operations.

Experience. Expertise. Results.

Unleashing enterprise productivity through every team.




Assessment and Governance using Atlassian Tools in Norfolk provided by Blended Perspectives

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Agile, SDLC, Program Management, ITIL/Service Desk Support / JIRA,  Confluence, Atlassian Toolset, Bitbucket, Atlassian Dev Ops. Solutions include PPM, Compliance and Risk Management, HR, CRM and general business process support in Norfolk.

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