How Atlassian Stride fits into ChatOps

November 6, 2017
Atlassian Stride is the key to communication success in companies. Business leaders recognize that collaboration, transparent goals and team discussions are a driving factor to increase efficiency and productivity.

Chat tools are not new, but the inclusion of team chat tools, into the flow of work, coined by GitHub as “ChatOps” is a recognized differentiator. “ChatOps is a collaboration model that connects people, tools, process, and automation into a transparent workflow. This flow connects the work needed, the work happening, and the work done in a persistent location.” –  ChatOps, Atlassian.

The productivity rewards of  collaboration tools like Hipchat and Slack, competitors that featured high connection drove mass adoption. With Slack claiming, over 77% of companies in the Fortune 100 have adopted their tool. Atlassian’s purchase of HipChat has paid dividends – it’s highlighted Atlassian to many business teams that were already buying HipChat.

Recently Atlassian upended HipChat cloud by introducing Stride, a replacement for HipChat to out-compete Slack. So – how does this new introduction live up to the standards of todays ChatOps movement?

All Roads Converge Together

Atlassian has designed Stride to be the conversation hub for communication between you and your team members. Similar to HipChat, it will feature a room system that allows user to create topic specific rooms, and have discussions either through text or their new video chat system. Stride provides a dial-in number for guests to participate on the go, without the need of third party apps. This, along with the ability to take over someone else’s screen, will allow for deeper collaboration opportunities between team members. Similar to its competitors, Stride will also allow users to store and exchange files, making Stride a central communications hub.

Atlassian Stride’s Break Out Actions & Decisions

ChatOps promotes the idea of quick, fast and efficient team discussions and meetings. Large team meetings are notoriously disruptive to workflows and often distort what tasks team members need to do. Stride’s new signature feature, Actions and Decisions, provides users with the ability to dynamically create tasks, assign them to team members and track progress, all in one place. This summary of tasks and decisions live on Stride’s sidebar, viewable at a glance. Surfacing decisions provide a written record of the discussions leading up to the task. Stride’s new Focus mode ensures teams missing a meeting won’t miss out by stacking and presenting decisions or tasks upon their return.

Auto-bots and API’s

Atlassian Stride’s extensive API allows teams to further automate by integrating other systems and tools into the decision making process. Using the API, teams can create commands that trigger other systems like Jira or Confluence. These can, for example, generate sets of tasks or documents, initiated by talking to the bot in Stride. Bots can also streamline automation by responding to alerts and decisions. In addition, these integrations make systems respond dynamically, stitching together multiple components and departments.

ChatOps has hit the mainstream, yet noise originates from over-communicating. The Atlassian Teamwork Platform is a reimagining of the way teams will work togther in the future use of all Atlassian tools.

The new features included in Atlassian Stride allow teams to be able to communicate and also make decisions more efficiently. This should also help foster a healthier company culture. Stride is Atlassian’s latest product joins an increasingly popular family of development and collaboration tools already being used worldwide.

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