Atlassian Price Increase Announcement 2019

September 3, 2019

October 2020 update:

In order to achieve this outcome, Atlassian are ending the sale of new server licenses on February 2, 2021. Existing customers can renew existing licenses for 3 years. Server customers on advantaged pricing plans will also experience a price increase.

Additionally, Data Center products are being updated to include native Atlassian Applications (Advanced Roadmaps, Team Calendars for Confluence) and Priority Support for main product lines. To support this continued innovation, Atlassian will be raising the price of Data Center subscriptions on February 2, 2021.

The full details of this announcement can be found in our article: The Writing’s on the Wall for Server


Atlassian is increasing the price of their product offerings to allow the continued investment in building a platform across each of their product lines that provide the scale, reliability, security, and robust product capabilities you’ve come to expect from Atlassian.

Over the past year, they’ve delivered five platform releases across the majority of Server and Data Center product lines and made a number of enhancements to their Cloud platform with the common goal of providing you with platform and product features that customers can depend on for years to come.

Existing customers will see modest price increases consistent with past changes. New customers will face price increases variable in severity due to deployment method and user base. Eventually, existing customer prices will no longer be grandfathered and will fall in line with new prices outlined below. A brief overview can be found below.

This price increase reflects the significant focus now falling on Atlassian’s Cloud and Data Center offering, both offering high availability solutions for Enterprises. Atlassian Cloud gives immediate access to the latest features, saves costs by reducing physical internal infrastructure and responding immediately to dynamic spikes in demand and team growth. Data Center, in comparison, offers an on-premise multi-node deployment method that is set up to scale the Atlassian tools inside your organization with optimal performance.

A direct comparison across all product lines can be found here.


New Licenses:

  • Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Core will receive significant price increases of 40-340% (dependent on user tier).
    All other products – including Atlassian-owned apps such as Portfolio for Jira and Team Calendars for Confluence – will receive moderate price increases of 15%.

Existing Licenses:

  • All existing Server licenses will be grandfathered from these new plans and will receive moderate price increases of 15% on upgrades and renewals.
  • All Atlassian-owned apps (Portfolio for Jira, Questions for Confluence, Team Calendars for Confluence) will receive moderate price increases of 15% on upgrades and renewals.

Data Center

New Licenses:

  • 500 user tier in Jira Software will face a significant price increase of 70%.
  • All other products and tiers will receive moderate price increases between 10-25%.

Existing Licenses:

  • Jira Software and Confluence will receive moderate price increases between 10-25%.
  • All other products and tiers will receive 10% increases.

Server to Data Center Upgrade Credits:

Customers upgrading from Server to Data Center will continue to receive upgrade credits. This will be a specific dollar amount. The credit amount for new Data Center customers upgrading from Server is increasing. Upgrade credits are also returning for the following upgrade tiers:

  • Jira Software Server 250 users → Jira Software DC 500 users
  • Jira Software Server 500 Users → Jira Software DC 500 users
  • Confluence Server 250 users → Confluence DC 500 users
  • Confluence Server 500 users → Confluence DC 500 users

Enterprise Services

  • Premier Support: 13% increase
  • TAM: 5% increase
  • Enterprise Success Package (TAM + Premier): 7% price increase

Atlassian Cloud

New Atlassian Cloud licenses:

  • Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Desk, Jira Core, and Bitbucket will all receive price increases for 101+ monthly users/201+ annual user.
  • Percentage increase will vary by product and number of users.

Existing Atlassian Cloud licenses:

  • All existing cloud licenses will receive a moderate increase at annual renewals as a way to ease into our new prices.

What can I do in advance of this price increase?

We take care to provide customers advanced notice of all pricing changes so they can accommodate them into their annual budgeting cycles which is possible to renew in advance for a maximum period of 24 months. There may also be value in upgrading your user tier, or migrating to a different deployment method.

Please raise a request via support@blendedperspectives.com where one of our experts will get back to you.

Key Dates


  • Announcement of price increases to customers.


  • Pricing goes into effect on October-03-2019.


  • Quotes validity expires.
  • This is 90-days after the new pricing goes into effect (October-03).