Atlassian Marketplace: Apps to Watch (September 2022)

September 26, 2022


Marketplace Analytics Research ServiceOne of our unique offerings at Blended Perspectives is our Marketplace Analytic Research Service™ (MARS™) database of Atlassian Marketplace 3rd party apps.

At Blended Perspectives we pride ourselves on being a Solution Partner who does not make our own applications. Because of this customers and the Atlassian community as a whole can rely on us for objective, unbiased assessments of the Atlassian Marketplace. MARS™ is a key part of this. As a quantitative database covering every facet of the Atlassian Marketplace, MARS™ lets us combine our qualitative assessments of apps with the latest up to date information on a range of data driven metrics.

MARS™ contains a vast array of data from instances, reviews, and pricing, to platform, app growth, and version releases. This is all tied together at the top level through our meaningful app categorization in which, for every app over 500 instances, we carefully assigned our own categories based on the primary functionality of each app. We do this instead of using Marketplace app categorizations which are somewhat meaningless due to vendor self-selection. This means that MARS™ can give us a completely unique perspective into which apps are really excelling and driving forwards in the Marketplace.

The “Under 500 Club”

Through MARS™ we invest a lot of time and energy into analyzing apps with over 500 instances that are in our “500 Club“. We assign our own categories to these apps and then subsequently include them in all category analysis that we perform.

However, while this lets us make the most of the Pareto effect in the Marketplace (whereby the 15% of apps with over 500 instances generate 80% of all instances) it can mean that apps with under 500 instances potentially aren’t getting the credit they deserve.

That is why from now on we will be recognizing and congratulating the top 10 fastest growing apps with under 500 instances. These vendors and apps are clearly doing something right and it only seems fair that their excellence and growth be highlighted.

Atlassian Marketplace Apps

Figure 1: September 2022 | Ones to Watch

The Top 10

QAlity Plus - Test Management for Jira

Vendor: SolDevelo

August Instance Growth: 89

Total Instances: 398

Total Users: 13,965

Platform: Cloud, Server

Product: Jira

Gitlab-Jira integration

Vendor: GitConnector

August Instance Growth: 63

Total Instances: 190

Total Users: 4,124

Platform: Cloud

Product: Jira

Microsoft Teams Integration+ for Jira


August Instance Growth: 60

Total Instances: 229

Total Users: 8,621

Platform: Cloud, Data Center

Product: Jira

Organizational Chart for Jira Cloud

Vendor: WERARE

August Instance Growth: 56

Total Instances: 132

Total Users: 4,262

Platform: Cloud

Product: Jira

Advanced Custom Fields

Vendor: WERARE

August Instance Growth: 55

Total Instances: 71

Total Users: 83

Platform: Cloud

Product: Jira

Attachment Manager

Vendor: WERARE

August Instance Growth: 52

Total Instances: 101

Total Users: 473

Platform: Cloud

Product: Jira

Advanced Kanban Board

Vendor: WERARE

August Instance Growth: 48

Total Instances: 9

Total Users: 3,343

Platform: Cloud

Product: Jira

Secure Custom Fields - Security & Permission - for Jira

Vendor: Ricksoft, Inc. Ricksoft, Inc. 

August Instance Growth: 46

Total Instances: 397

Total Users: 41,851

Platform: Cloud

Product: Jira

Trello+ for Confluence

Vendor:  Apps+

August Instance Growth: 45

Total Instances: 220

Total Users: 2,773

Platform: Cloud

Product: Confluence

Google Sheets+ for Confluence

Vendor:  Apps+

August Instance Growth: 43

Total Instances: 249

Total Users: 9,499

Platform: Cloud

Product: Confluence

Congratulations to all of the apps and vendors featured here!

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