Atlassian: Helping Teams Get ‘Release Ready’

August 5, 2015

Those who aren’t ‘release ready’ run the risk of being left behind…

Helping teams get ‘release ready’ is one of the things that Atlassian does best. In order to better summarize this process, Atlassian has recently released a new blog post about this subject. You can find a brief excerpt and the link to the full article below.

With over 500k agile projects in Jira (among just Cloud customers – wow!), we realized we’re sitting on a ton of data that sheds light on how agile teams function. We then bet, that with some anonymized data mining, we could find teams that have a release cadence that they hit sprint after sprint after sprint.

To find your team’s sweet spot for the number of issues in a sprint, your team needs to recognize when an issue’s scope is too big. And once you realize that, you need to do something about it and make changes in Jira to reflect those changes. Should the original story become an epic? Or should it be broken down into smaller stories or tasks? Where do sub-tasks fit in?

Jira has a hierarchy for organizing work: versions represent an upcoming release, epics are a single feature or initiative, issues (user stories and tasks) represent the pieces of a feature, and sub-tasks are even smaller chunks of work that comprise the parent story or task.

This hierarchy implies the scope of each element. But your team may have a user story in the backlog that seems more like an entire feature, or a user story with an estimate that is two or even three times greater than other issues. In both cases, the issue’s scope needs to be re-evaluated.

The rest of the Atlassian article can be found here:

It is well worth a read and we recommend to reflect on in terms of how your teams manage their stories and backlog.

Alternatively, if you’d like to chat about how Blended Perspectives can help your organization get ‘release ready’ then contact us.

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