Atlassian Enterprise Releases: The New Way to Update

January 24, 2018

Enterprise Releases are here!

Upgrading to a new product release often requires plenty of foresight and strategic planning. However with Atlassian’s new Enterprise Releases for JIRA Software & Confluence, this is about to become easier than ever. Furthermore, along with Blended Perspectives upgrade consulting, we can successfully ensure you gain the most benefit of all new releases.

Making Upgrades Easier

In today’s fast flowing marketplace, it is crucial that Atlassian software is upgraded. This is to ensure that there is no performance impact for users. We have outlined the general steps required in an upgrade in the chart below:


Credit: Enrique Cadalso

Throughout Atlassian’s journey we have seen that despite extensive testing, it can still be possible for bugs to slip through the system. With an upgrade backlog, companies can often find themselves upgrading to an obsolete version of their desired software. This is where Enterprises Releases for JIRA software & Confluence looks to tackle these issues.

Enterprise Releases Top Features

In addition to receiving support and documentation from the Atlassian team, users can expect the following:

  • Back-ported security bugs
  • Bug fixes that are deemed critical and that would normally be fixed in the next bug fix release of the product.
  • Combined change logs to easily understand what new capabilities have been introduced.
  • Scale and performance benchmarks relative to the prior Enterprise release of the product.

In conclusion, all of these features allow large enterprise customers, to better manage their upgrading process. Upgrades are also often a significant drain on resources, so best managing them is a priority. We recommend clients move to these Enterprise releases as soon as possible.

Getting Started

The first Enterprise Releases will be rolled out with JIRA Software 7.6 and Confluence 6.6, so it appears as if users can get started soon. Atlassian announced the concept of Enterprise Releases only a few days into 2018, therefore we expect many more to be announced in 2018. Undoubtedly, you need to watch this space!

Finally, if you require any assistance in regards to any Atlassian software, we are happy to exhibit our expertise. Please contact us about our upgrade services consulting capabilities.
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