Appfire + Spartez Software

July 15, 2021

With the takeover of Spartez Software, Appfire have now made their 6th acquisition of 2021!

Spartez Software will bring 35 individuals (including 4 founders), 9 quality apps, and nearly 9,000 Marketplace instances to Appfire.

We can see from Figure 1 that the Spartez Takeover will strengthen Appfire’s portfolio in Planning, Utilities, Integration, Collaboration, and Requirements Management. However, there is a lot more to this takeover than initially meets the eye…

Appfire and spartez instance category breakdown

Figure 1: Appfire + Spartez: Instance Category Breakdown

In acquiring Spartez, Appfire have made a very canny and forward looking move. If you read this month’s blog post about the new 500 Club apps then you’ll have seen that two of the four new 500 Club entrants (apps with over 500 instances) were apps made by Spartez Software. This is not a coincidence. The two apps (Github Integration for Whiteboards and Whiteboards for Jira: team collaboration) are ideal for remote work and distributed teams and with only 3% of workers saying that they plan to return to the office full time, Spartez’s Whiteboards suite of apps are proving to be (and will prove to be for many more teams) invaluable tools. With remarkable growth figures of 109% and 96% respectively we can see that Atlassian users are already flocking to Spartez’s Whiteboard apps.

Spartez Software Apps Instances and 2021 growth

Figure 2: Spartez Software Apps: Instances and 2021 % Growth

In terms of the Planning category, Appfire now owns the two largest Planning Poker apps with Agile Poker for Jira by Spartez being added to Appfire’s existing Planning Poker by Lizard Brain. Both of these apps complement a broad planning app like BigPicture really well thus potentially providing great synergies for Appfire and their customers alike. With Appfire CEO Randall Ward letting us know that they are “moving towards the consolidation of support contacts“, customers with multiple Appfire apps could be looking at some significant productivity boosts in the future.

Appfire’s JSM offering is also enhanced by this takeover: Chat for JSM (with very impressive growth of 50% this year) and Canned Responses Pro (also showing impressive growth of 15%) are both great time saving apps for JSM which will improve the user experience of any JSM instance nicely.

All in all this is another great acquisition for Appfire being both forward looking and synergistic. We look forward to seeing what the next acquisition will be!

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