Appfire + Snapbytes

July 28, 2021

Appfire have now made their 7th acquisition of the year with the July 27th announcement that Snapbytes will become part of Appfire’s ever expanding portfolio of apps.

Appfire 2021 acquisitions

Figure 1: Appfire 2021 Acquisitions

Snapbytes are bringing over 4,300 active installs to Appfire’s total of 193,000 with most of these instances taking place in the key areas of IT Service Management.

Appfire: ITSM

Just this month Appfire has seen its ITSM offering grow significantly with the takeover of Spartez (Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira and Chat for Jira Service Management) being followed up by a number of quality ITSM Snapbytes products.

First and foremost is Time to SLA. With around 1,700 instances Time to SLA is the most popular SLA tracking app on the Atlassian Marketplace (next is Time in status | SLA | Stopwatch by JiBrok with 500 instances) once again demonstrating that Appfire are successfully going after and getting the best of breed apps in each area they are strengthening in.

Further Snapbytes apps expanding Appfire’s ITSM offering are Enhancer Plugin for Jira and Assets and Inventory Plugin for Jira, two very popular ITSM apps with 900 and 600 instances respectively.

As is shown in Figure 2, Appfire’s newly acquired ITSM apps are showing fantastic growth this year, with Time to SLA and Enhancer Plugin for Jira growing by 19% and 12% respectively. With JSM growing, as customers continue to recognize to be a superior product over competitors in the ITSM space like ServiceNow, this is a great space for Appfire to be strengthening in.

Furthermore, we know, from our exclusive interview with Appfire CEO Randall Ward, that Appfire are aiming to “unify all support contacts” and become a one stop shop for customers. ITSM is obviously a key element to this and, as we’ve seen from the takeovers of Spartez and Snapbytes, Appfire will continue to expand their offering in each solution area until they have the best offering available anywhere.

Appfire ITSM applications

Figure 2: Spartez Software Apps: Instances and 2021 % Growth

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