Appfire + RoninPixels

September 10, 2021

After a month’s hiatus, Appfire is back at it with their 8th acquisition of 2021. This time it’s RoninPixels who’ll be coming under the ever unifying Appfire family of apps.

Although in terms of size RoninPixels doesn’t compare to a vendor like SoftwarePlant or Anova, we believe that this is a really canny acquisition by Appfire that gives them a presence in a rapidly expanding area while bringing on board a team that is clearly doing something very right.

RoninPixels make Dashboard Hub for Jira – Reports & Charts and Dashboard Hub for Confluence – Reports & Charts as well as the respective connector apps for Jira and Confluence. The Dashboard Hub series of apps are powerful add-ons that allow users to quickly and easily create visually pleasing dashboards which come with customizable charts, aggregations, and over 60 other gadgets. Dashboard Hub is awesome for ITSM, Agile, and DevOps teams who want an easy way to stay ahead of the game with real time data and make sure that key metrics aren’t going to waste.

appfire roninpixels

While all of RoninPixels’ apps are generally around the 100-300 instance mark, their growth this year has been spectacular. Dashboard Hub for Jira has grown by over 2000% this year while, despite only being out for a few months, Dashboard Hub for Confluence is already over 30 instances. With increased Appfire product investment (including their push to get Dashboard Hub onto DC) it’s certain that we’ll be welcoming RoninPixels into the 500 Club very shortly!

Roninpixels instance size and growth

Figure 1: RoninPixels Instance Size and Growth

RoninPixels have found a nice niche for themselves and there is clear synergy to be had with Appfire’s other BI/Reporting applications, especially with Appfire now being the largest Reporting vendor on the Marketplace. Reporting is such a dynamic category at the moment (see Figure 3) with StiltSoft dominating the Confluence space, eazyBI showing incredible growth figures each month, and Custom Charts by OSS changing the game with their unique reports and dashboards. Therefore, its a great testament to Appfire that they can call themselves the market leaders in this space.

appfire vs reporting competition

Figure 2: Appfire versus Reporting Competition

Out of the 6 largest Atlassian Marketplace categories, Reporting is the fastest growing with 11% growth this year. Given the innovative and creative apps being created in this field by vendors like RoninPixels, this is no surprise.

largest categories with 2021% growth

Figure 3: 6 Largest Categories with 2021% Growth

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