Appfire + Mohami – The strategy? Not just apps but skills and talent too

April 1, 2021

Appfire is accelerating their growth in the developer tools space with the acquisition of Mohami, one of the leading Atlassian vendors of developer-orientated apps. As Figure 1 shows, Mohami is by far the largest maker of Bitbucket apps with over twice the number of instances of its closest competitor. 

Figure 1

Furthermore, Figure 2 demonstrates that although Appfire’s instances have increased across the board in categories like Publishing, Collaboration, and Reporting, the main result is Appfire growing their presence in the  Code Management space with powerful apps such as Yet Another Commit Checker and Webhook to Jenkins for Bitbucket

Figure 2

With this, Appfire now makes up 8% of the Marketplace (up from 7% previously) with a monumental 126,464 instances (Figure 3).*

Figure 3

The Mohami acquisition demonstrates again Appfire’s commitment to areas like workflow and automation, reporting, publishing, administration, and developer tools. For instance, as shown by Figure 4, Mohami adds another 11,705 instances to Appfire’s Bitbucket instance count which was previously 425.

Figure 4

We asked Appfire a number of questions regarding the acquisition and here’s what they had to say:

Q: What are the general thoughts around Appfire regarding the acquisition of Mohami?

A: We’re thrilled to have Mohami join Appfire’s family of brands and we’re looking forward to continuing to innovate and support their products that are used and relied on by dev teams around the world.

Q: Did you feel that a devops-centric acquisition filled a hole in the portfolio?

A: Bringing Mohami into the Appfire family means we now have even more trusted, helpful products for developers and their teams. We’re also excited to have their founder and CEO Mohammed Davoodi join as an advisor to Appfire, since he brings a wealth of knowledge from his time building and scaling Mohami.

Q: Do you have an overall vision of how these acquisitions will fit together?

A: Our main focus when we bring in new companies to Appfire is the people. We look for awesome humans, and with that mindset, we’ve added some incredibly talented founders and team members with immense Atlassian expertise. We’re always looking at opportunities in our key categories, including developer tools, and ultimately we want Appfire to be the platform that offers solutions for all types of teams that use Atlassian tools to get work done.

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*Following the release of this blog post we re-categorized JMWE as a Scripting/Automation app. We welcome any feedback regarding our app categorizations–please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions or queries around our app categorization process.