Appfire + Lizard Brain

May 11, 2021

In May, Appfire made their third acquisition of the year (following their takeovers of Mohami and Bolo Software) with Lizard Brain and their 11 Atlassian Marketplace apps and 2 Trello power-ups becoming part of the Appfire family.

Lizard Brain currently have 3,476 active Marketplace instances with their most popular apps being Planning Poker, Toggl Integration for Jira, and Clockify Integration.

As we can see in Figure 1, the addition of Planning Poker to Appfire’s portfolio more than doubles their instance presence in the category and is their first agile specific planning app. Planning is the second largest and third fastest growing category with over 130,000 instances and 7% growth this year respectively (Figure 2). Thus the acquiring of Planning Poker demonstrates Appfire’s willingness to strengthen their presence in this incredibly active and fast moving category.

Furthermore, in acquiring Lizard Brain’s Toggl and Clockify integrations, Appfire now dominates the market for time management integrations and strengthens its presence in another field in which they are somewhat underrepresented. Integration is the largest and second fastest growing category (Figure 3), yet is only Appfire’s 6th largest by instances. Thus, the takeover of Lizard Brain (although not huge in terms of numbers of instances) adds a number of quality apps to their portfolio, and most importantly, apps in areas they believe themselves to be underrepresented in when compared to the market as a whole.

Figure 1
Figure 2

In addition to broadening the Appfire app portfolio, this takeover is another part of Appfire’s strategy to “lead the shift toward cloud, with apps that include full coverage across all Atlassian deployment types (Server, Data Center, and Cloud).”

Our Marketplace Analytic Research Service (MARS) database shows that Appfire is indeed succeeding in this quest to be represented on all platforms.

Figure 3 demonstrates that 57% of Appfire’s instances are on apps that are on Cloud, Data Center, and Server. To put this into context, this is much higher than the Atlassian Marketplace average which is only 45% representation on all three platforms, as demonstrated by Figure 4.

Figure 3
Figure 4

On top of expanding the scope of Appfire’s app portfolio, the takeover of Lizard Brain brings with it a team of skilled developers (including Lizard Brain founder Vitalii Zurian). Appfire is not only building up an impressive portfolio of apps but also, with each new acquisition, a ever more skillful and innovative team.

We look forward to seeing where Appfire make their next move.