Appfire 2018 Red Hot Reseller Award Winner

February 28, 2019

Atlassian’s Marketplace is vast, rapidly changing, and offers organizations many choices. In our experience, the successful adoption of Atlassian tools goes hand in hand with a well thought out and tactical use of 3rd party apps.  Blended Perspectives encourages clients to acquire apps to get the most out of their Atlassian investment. We have great partnerships with many app developers and our shared business growth is proven by awards such as this.

Appfire named us a 2018 Red Hot Reseller Award as one of the top 5% of partners for year-over-year growth and outstanding sales volume.

We appreciate the recognition!

We have some key tips for helping you decide on which of the almost thousands of apps from the Atlassian Marketplace you might use. Read more here: Six steps to select and implement Atlassian 3rd party apps