Agile HR – The new way to revolutionize your HR department!

February 22, 2018
You may be unaware but it’s likely that you and your team partake in some Agile practices every single day. The latest department to take note? Human Resources! Here is a brief introduction to how Agile HR can help your organization.

You are either all in or you are all out

At Blended Perspectives, we know better than anyone that if you (and your organization) doesn’t fully commit to Agile practices, there is no point in committing at all. For those who are willing to commit, you can expect to receive a higher product quality. As well, an increased return on investment, all whilst reducing your risks!

Same practices, different applications…

Agile software development was created as a way to meet the rapidly changing and complex demands of customers. Whereas Agile HR almost flips this on it’s head. The practice is starting to make waves as a way to meet the rapidly changing and complex demands of today’s workforce. With the importance of HR departments in growing organizations, even more, it seems that Agile HR could be holding the winning hand to maximizing their potential!

The benefits of using Agile HR practices

Let’s go back to my earlier point about how organizations are required to fully commit to Agile practices. Agile HR requires the same prerequisites. Previously, large consultancy firms would be tasked with collecting employee feedback. However, Agile HR brings all of these practices ‘in-house’. Although this seems a fairly simple move, it is actually very shrewd. By collecting all employee feedback internally, it permits a tight feedback loop that focuses on ever improving better practices. Compare this to external consultancy organizations that focus on traditionally led best practice, it’s clear that there is only one winner!

The growth of HR teams and their expanding capabilities depends on shaking up old practices and trying out concepts like Agile HR.

More exciting things on the way…

Stay tuned for an upcoming training development that we, at Blended Perspectives, are very excited about. When two worlds collide – Agile.

In the meantime, please look through our current training offerings here.

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