Going Agile with Atlassian tools

May 23, 2014

Using Atlassian Tools is the best way to go Agile!

Atlassian’s Tools are becoming increasingly popular, and it is not hard to see why! From one the latest blog posts on the Atlassian website, a case study focused on the Yellow Pages Group’s adoption of Agile. The case study provides a fascinating insight into how a huge organization can adapt. This is in addition to how they can integrate Agile practices into its framework. This adoption of Agile through Atlassian tools is something that we could all learn from!

Yellow Pages Group (YPG) is one of Canada’s largest digital media companies. YPG’s mission is to connect Canadian enterprises to local consumers. Although they offer a full suite of print and digital products and services, YGP are never overrun. Undoubtedly, their use of Atlassian tools ensures this is the case.

Atlassian's Tracker

YPG offers a full range of digital and print advertising services and currently serves close to 300,000 local Canadian businesses.

“Our goal is to make advertising work for small to medium as well as large businesses in Canada,” Paul Ryan, Chief Technology Officer.

In an increasingly digital world, Yellow Pages Group needs to stay agile. To accomplish this, over 1,000 employees at YPG use Atlassian tools to manage their projects from concept to delivery. However it’s not just for software development. YPG’s marketing and service teams also run on JIRA. In conclusion, YGP have hugely benefitted from the adoption of Agile practices through Atlassian tools. Therefore they need to keep on sticking with it!

The full case study can be found here: Case study: How Yellow Pages Group goes agile with Atlassian tools – Atlassian Blogs.

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