IMAX is a leading technology company which designs and manufactures IMAX cameras and projection systems as well as performing film development, production, postproduction and distribution to IMAX affiliated theatres worldwide.

Since 2016, Blended Perspectives have worked with IMAX to grow strategically the Atlassian tools within their organization. Today, IMAX leverage Atlassian Cloud across their entire organization, utilizing products such as Jira Software and Confluence to provide a collaboration hub across multiple different teams.

Blended Perspectives, via their Marketplace Analytics Research Service (MARs), have also worked with IMAX to provide a number of Marketplace App recommendations to ‘supercharge’ their Atlassian use cases. Using BP’s MARs data and concise product metrics/information, IMAX have expanded the use of their Atlassian tools to incorporate Testing (Xray), Timesheet Reporting (Tempo), Diagramming ( and publishing workflows (Comala).

From Atlassian Cloud SAML SSO configurations to enterprise application support, Blended Perspectives is proud to provide support for IMAX across a range of Atlassian technologies and solutions.