Every business, large or small, faces the challenge of how to get all the parts of the organization working together to create the optimal outcome for the business and its customers. Technology can both help and hinder the drive to work efficiently and collaboratively. There are a number of tools available that are designed to provide very specific functionality – great for the team that needs that tool but it may not address the challenge of collaboration within or between teams. There are options for tightly integrated solutions that will provide you with tools to address the functional needs of different teams while supporting great collaboration. Blended Perspectives has the expertise and experience to help you implement a solution, with a suite of Atlassian products at its core, that will meet the needs of your business.

As you browse through the solutions you may notice that while each addresses a unique business need, the Atlassian products and Marketplace Add Ons span many solutions. You can leverage the same core tools to implement solutions for a variety of teams! Blended Perspectives has developed a number of solution-specific templates that can be used to increase the speed of implementation and adoption of any solution.

For more details on specific solutions look at the list below.

Software Development (SDLC)

Software developers continue to face demands to produce great, high quality software at an increasing rate. In order to meet that demand the team needs tools that are tightly integrated and support all the steps of the software development process as well as facilitating collaboration across teams and geographies. Blended Perspectives has the expertise and experience to work with you to rapidly deploy a world class, fully integrated software development solution no matter whether you are using Agile, Waterfall or another development process.

Service Management (ITSM)

IT service management (ITSM) is simply how you manage the delivery of end-to-end IT services to your customers based on best practices. This means having a stellar IT Service Management (ITSM) solution is critical to IT’s success. For IT the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is the gold standard for defining this and of course, there is a requirement to have the best tools in place to support the processes.

But wait! Service management is not just for IT!  Every company is in the midst of their journey to the ‘service first’ model that is in demand in the market place and every team would like to deliver better service, resolve issues faster, and build lasting trust with their organization. Any team with internal or external customers can benefit from a great service management solution Our expertise combined with a suite of Atlassian products will enable your team to quickly implement a modern, flexible approach to ITSM with an ITIL-certified service desk that’s easy to use.

Project Management Office (PMO)

Whether you are setting up a PMO for the first time or working to enhance and revitalize your existing PMO, advanced real time portfolio, program and project management solutions can be rapidly and cost effectively set up for all your needs. Our expertise and rapid deployment techniques combined with a suite of Atlassian products will have your PMO operational in just days!

Test Management

Not only are software projects increasingly complicated and teams culturally and geographically diverse, but the demand for higher velocity development is also increasing. To meet these challenges approaches to test management are changing. No longer will testing wait until the end of the development cycle and be the sole responsibility of the QA team – quality assurance will be a responsibility borne jointly by software and QA teams. This, in turn, means that these teams will benefit from test management applications that are tightly integrated with other tools they are using. Our expertise and rapid deployment techniques will have your team using world class test management tools in not just weeks, but days.


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Human Resources

Often the Human Resources team find themselves working with a number of different software packages that are designed to support specific activities such as performance reviews and talent management. As a result the team spends non-value added time updating various system to make sure these non-integrated systems all have the most current information. Streamlining all of this would lead to a happier HR team and more satisfied employees. But just how to approach the challenge? Blended Perspectives has the solution for you – a fully integrated solution with a suite of Atlassian products at its core.


In today’s environment marketing teams are striving to keep many balls in the air at any given time and cannot risk dropping or fumbling even one of them.  The team is typically responsible for maintaining a presence in both traditional and social media, creating and maintaining all marketing materials up to date and making sure those materials are available when and where they are needed, and for developing and executing marketing campaigns.  Any one of these activities, especially taking campaigns from concept to launch, involves an intricate multi-step process during which the people involved must work in concert to be successful.

Yes – a busy department for sure with a myriad of activities that span everything from responses to last minute, emergency requests, to long term planning and execution of campaigns and new product launches, to the more routine but equally important work of maintaining a media presence.  Marketing teams need great processes and supporting tools to ensure that their journey from inspiration to realization of your marketing initiatives proceeds smoothly.


Every legal team needs the best tools to help them create and share documents, manage risk, communicate effectively, and react quickly. Whether you are planning to revitalize your process and the tools you use or are setting up a legal team for the first time, our expertise, experience and integrated tool set will have your team working more collaboratively and efficiently within a short time-frame.

Customer Relationship Management

Every team in every business has customers which means that there are relationships with those customers that need to be managed. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes are designed to allow the organization to successfully manage interactions with customers. Tools are used to collect, organize and track information about both current and prospective customers. Typically this information is used by many teams including sales, marketing, customer service and support so the ideal CRM solution will be tightly integrated with other tools that your team utilizes.

Whether you are just starting to look at CRM tools, looking to improve your CRM, or exploring options for integrating CRM with other systems, Blended Perspectives has the solution for your organization.

Request Management

Across any enterprise each department has a need to manage inbound requests from internal and/or external customers. Traditionally requests are submitted in may forms – in person, by phone, or via email.  This leaves the team with the extra, repetitive task of logging all the requests somewhere and then working to make sure that each is assigned to the correct bucket and addressed in a timely manner.  Despite best efforts, requests will get lost in the shuffle or will not get the appropriate priority treatment which in turn leads to unsatisfied customers and a team that is not performing to its full potential. Sound familiar?

Process Management

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