Atlassian Stack

The Atlassian Stack is a bundled offering that combines every Atlassian Server or Data Center product, along with Premier Support, for a single easy to manage price.

Key features

Standardize on the tools teams want

  • Fast track productivity and collaboration across all teams – IT, software, and more.

An Enterprise DevOps solution

  • Atlassian tools speed up releases by automating tasks and defining processes.
  • Accelerate time to resolution with faster feedback loops.
  • Help you prioritize unplanned work.

Scale Atlassian with your business

  • Data Center is a self-hosted deployment option.
  •  Provides deployment flexibility, authentication, control, high availability, and performance required for the tools teams use every day.

The Atlassian Stack includes one instance of each Atlassian Data Center and Server products, as well as a Premier Support license, for one simple price.

Atlassian Stack Pricing:

Users Commercial Annual Price Academic Annual Price
1,000 users US $186,875 US $110,937.50
2,000 users US $264,875 US $149,937.50
3,000 users US $369,725 US $202,362.50
4,000 users US $441,725 US $238,362.50
5,000 users US $513,725 US $274,362.50
6,000 users US $593,225 US $314,112.50
7,000 users US $647,225 US $341,112.50
8,000 users US $701,225 US $368,112.50
9,000 users US $755,225 US $395,112.50
10,000 users US $809,225 US $422,112.50

Ready To Get Started?

Agile, SDLC, Program Management, ITIL/Service Desk Support / Jira,  Confluence, Atlassian Toolset, Bitbucket, Atlassian Dev Ops. Solutions include PPM, Compliance and Risk Management, HR, CRM and general business process support.

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