Assessment and Governance

Atlassian has been getting multiple teams pulling in the same direction since the very beginning!

Key features


  • The flexibility of the Atlassian tools means they can operate in a centralized or federalized manner across multiple teams


  • With a scalable approach, many different teams can work together but independently to achieve corporate objectives


  • Centralization isn’t the only way… it is possible to have multiple instances running concurrently to ensure there is no overlap between teams!


  • Once setup in one team, Atlassian tools can be institutionalized to provide a designated output across entire organizations


  • With a clearly defined assessment and governance model, the Atlassian tools are able to fit in quickly and easy. Simply pick up and play!


  • There is no need to be overwhelmed by multiple tools or instances, we can consolidate to streamline your business operations

The Atlassian tools can operate in a centralized or de-centralized system in order to best suit organizational objectives.

Whether your organization is a large international behemoth or a small enterprise, it is important that everybody is working in unison. And, providing an uniform governance model will give every team the best possible chance of success.

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