TWiki and Foswiki


TWiki is an Open Source Enterprise Wiki and Web 2.0 Application Platform

In 2000, while working for Arthur Andersen as a Systems Integration Manager, Martin sought a better, web-centric way for his team to collaborate. After convincing management of the potentials of a wiki, Martin was granted a leadership position for a worldwide deployment of TWiki within the Andersen’s infrastructure. He lead a team of 8 developers and designers to port TWiki to Windows, deploy into the infrastructure, customize to in-house standards and integrate with SiteMinder and Microsoft Index Server’s search.


Foswiki is an enterprise wiki, used to run collaboration platforms, knowledge bases or document management systems

Martin  contributed heavily to TWiki and Foswiki’s development for almost a decade. Working with these products, he has played a central role articulating concepts, synthesizing business requirements, consolidating developer opinions, and drawing up plans and contributing code. Through his work with clients, Martin remains connected to the TWiki and Foswiki communities and retains check-in rights on the projects.