Atlassian Software Development Suite

What is it? Tooling for Agile development

  • Addressing the needs of developers, managers and leadership, Atlassian’s Software Development Suite provides an easy-to-integrate and streamlined environment in which everyone can get straight to the information they need, all while speeding up processes and implementing industry best practices.
  • Productivity is centered on support for Distributed Version Control Systems such as git, which have proven valuable in adapting to today’s fast-changing business requirements while minimizing waste.

Write your requirements in Confluence, track implementation in JIRA, keep code in Stash, and test and Deploy via Bamboo.

Firms using the Atlassian Suite for software development have most of the business live in Confluence. Here, collaborate around the Concepts: requirements, documentation, marketing plans, sales reports, and anything else that supports taking a product from concept to launch. Development teams live and track detailed technical work in JIRA, keep their code in Stash, and Test and Deploy to Launch via Bamboo.

Use Confluence and JIRA to collaborate around requirements, and perform Retrospectives 

This video outlines collaborating around Product Requirements and Stories and transforming them into tracked work in JIRA. It also shows how to use Confluence for performing Retrospectives.

Product Requirement Blueprint

Confluence’s Product Requirements Blueprint, sets an outline for the work that the product team needs – this team includes your product managers, developers, and designers. The Product Requirements Blueprint helps the team use best practices to write the most informed requirements possible, helping the whole team plan to build quality software.

The above video shows the creation of a new requirement from the blueprint, together with the User Stories that comprise it.

From Requirements to Stories to JIRA issues, seamlessly

Once you have a completed and agreed-upon set of user stories, the next step is to get them into your team’s backlog in JIRA. Integrations built between the products make this convenient: just highlight a user story – or any text on a Confluence page – and click the Create JIRA issue button that appears.



This pop-up action transforms your Confluence-based documentation table into replacement table that now includes indicating links.


Each story is converted into a JIRA issue for that story. The “indicating links” update as the development team make progress in JIRA. As they get filled into the same table the product people get a continuously updating view of the status.

For further detail, see

Git Essentials: Tracking in JIRA -> Code in Stash -> Deploy in Bamboo

JIRA is developers and managers console for seeing work to be done, prioritizing and actioning it. Git Essentials bundles JIRA, Stash and Bamboo so to:

  • get teams working faster – by setting up best practices out of the box by pre-configuring with best practice git workflows, including standardized branch naming. This pre-configuration automates away a lot of tedious manual steps and also helps ensure consistent set up.
  • alleviates the pain and cost of tracking development projects – by enhancing traceability and visibility into a single interface. All information is drawn into JIRA issues, which are traceable, searchable, cross-linked and notified. Coupled with powerful search summarized into custom dashboards, you can track everything while reporting only the factors that matter most to your managers and executives.
  • automate as much as possible, especially non value-add administration. From Releases, Merges, scheduling of new Builds for Continuous Integration, Atlassian have focused on streamlining a build flow to reduce the overhead costs of operating your build environment.
  • streamline your team so to work faster. Atlassian retain their commitment to supporting your build process, whatever that is. You can create a seamless process for tracking and sharing development progress with your team.
  • provide excellent integration  Atlassian’s tools mish-mash toolchains into an ordered, trackable environment that works standalone or in concert with other open (API addressable) systems facilitates Git Development best practices.

Atlassian Git Essentials: Overview

Atlassian covered Git Essentials in an April 2014 Webinar

  • Going from issue to code to deployment with Git Essentials
  • Git workflow best practices available out of the box
  • End-to-end development traceability
  • Enterprise readiness

For Developers interested in the background behind Stash:

Best Practices – GitMinutes – Feb 16, 2014

(please note this is Audio Only)


A Nice Walkthrough of Continuous Integration in Bamboo



Bamboo and CI – cutterryan (