Atlassian Confluence

Wiki Consulting since 2001, our team has been specifying, implementing, integrating and training for Atlassian Confluence since 2005. Blended Perspectives has been an Atlassian Partner since 2007, and an Atlassian Expert since their accredited program began.

Blended Perspectives can help you decide whether Confluence is right for you – we provide a range of Confluence Services

Why choose Atlassian Confluence?

Confluence often comes out as our recommendation for clients demanding an Enterprise-capable in-house wiki solution. Featuring intuitive controls, Confluence is low cost and highly usable, giving adoption a tremendous advantage over wikis that present a steeper learning curve. Atlassian release multiple free updates throughout the year tightening security and adding features. Additionally the community has produced hundreds of free-to-use plugins and a growing number of stellar commercial ones. Featuring Microsoft SharePoint integration, Confluence simplifies search and user authentication, and can round-trip documents produced in Microsoft Word with wiki authored documents.

Who Uses Confluence?

Some very big, notable companies!

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