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Blended Perspectives has been an Atlassian Partner since 2007

Martin Cleaver has been specifying, implementing, integrating and training for Atlassian Confluence since 2005 and Blended Perspectives has been an Atlassian Partner since 2007.

Why Atlassian?

Confluence often comes out as our recommendation for clients demanding an Enterprise-capable in-house wiki solution. Featuring intuitive controls, Confluence is low cost and highly usable, giving adoption a tremendous advantage over wikis that present a steeper learning curve. Atlassian release multiple free updates throughout the year tightening security and adding features. Additionally the community has produced hundreds of free-to-use plugins and a growing number of stellar commercial ones. Featuring Microsoft SharePoint integration, Confluence simplifies search and user authentication, and can round-trip documents produced in Microsoft Word with wiki authored documents.

Why choose Blended Perspectives?

Clients we have served that run Confluence have included Rogers, Grand & Toy, National Express Corporation and St. Joseph’s Hospital Hamilton.

To name a few of past engagements: we have conducted strategic assessments, conducted risk profiles, selected Confluence and recommended architectures, implemented in-house and managed hosted and virtual private network installs, themed sites and built custom training.


In 2000, working for Arthur Andersen in London as a manager in Systems Integration, Martin sought a better, web-centric way for his team to collaborate.

After convincing management of the potentials of a wiki, Martin was granted a leadership position for a worldwide deployment of TWiki within the Andersen infrastructure. He lead a team of 8 developers and designers to port TWiki to Windows, deploy into the infrastructure, customize to in-house standards and integrate with Microsoft Index Server’s search.

Sector Experience

Empowering your knowledge worker’s effectiveness is key for every organization in every sector.

Healthcare Sector

  • A large Hospital in Hamilton
    • feature comparison of Enterprise 2.0 platforms.
    • the platform enabled consolidation of dispersed Emergency Room documentation.
  • A health-gasses and sleep apea firm in Mississauga
    • Rapid prototype and build of a process layer upon their Wiki.
    • Supports Doctors who need to workflow a larger quantity of data, unclogging.

Financial Services Sector

  • An insurance client based in Richmond Hill
  • Strategic context of Enterprise 2.0 platforms, visioning documents, selection of a Wiki platform, and build of a prototype.

Startups and Entrepreneurs

  • A Toronto-based startup providing services:
    • Transition of 200 page Use Case documentation from Microsoft Word to Collaborative Wiki

Transportation Sector

  • Selection of an Enterprise 2.0 Wiki based platform and design.