JIRA Services

Our JIRA Services

  • Hosting
  • Installations
  • Upgrades
  • Licenses
  • Current state assessment
  • Design & Configuration of JIRA workflows and issue types (based on requirements and best practices)
  • Selection of plugins
  • Hosting support and management
  • Training

Current state assessment

This is a rapid assessment which will systematically look at a client’s current use of JIRA.  Areas covered include:


The state of issue and field level configurations in the system (how many issue types, how are they defined, are the system configuration records well documented and scalable)


This work deals with questions such as the following; How well is the application being used?  Are issues being consistently documented.?  Do issues sit idle or are they closed effectively?  How frequently is the application being used by users?


Based on our knowledge of the client a set of recommendations that deal with how JIRA cna be extended to increase use and the quality of work execution both at the work space and enterprise level.

Typical time elapsed

One week

JIRA work space design

This work is to ensure that the client has a structured set of work spaces and projects as well as issue types with the correct field configurations. The work usually includes the following steps;

  1. Identify and agree overall scope and structure (what kinds of issues and management items that need to be managed)
  2. Review and agree field configurations (any custom fields as well as recommended fields from Blended Perspectives’ Synthesis      knowledge base
  3. Review and agree workflows by issue type
  4. Recommend and agree dashboard views and layouts for reporting
  5. Handover final report with specifications for implementation

This work can be done tactically or at an overall enterprise level.  The client can choose to prototype the specified configurations via Blended Perspectives JIRA application which we recommend.

JIRA implementation

Blended Perspectives offers full hosting and on site deployment and support of client JIRA applications.   If clients are looking for dedicated assistance to implement work space designs Blended Perspectives can provide tactical and complete implementation capabilities and execution.

Work can include design and build of custom changes, full JIRA deployments quick fixes, upgrades, license and plug-in management.

JIRA training, coaching and support


Because Blended Perspectives provides a value added, structured approach to JIRA deployments, we can offer training in program, project and ITIL processes by using the Synthesis and/or client customized JIRA application.  This will greatly improve not only the team’s efficiency through the use of the tool but also provide learning experience  of best practices.  Training can be local or on line and pricing is available on request.

Coaching and additional project management assistance

JIRA allows, because of its very nature, “observability” of work across projects.  Clients can take advantage of Blended Perspectives ability to watch and review work activity in their own projects providing remote project management, advice, guidance and “tidy up” of open loop issues and problems. This support can be in the form of regular touch point meetings at a relatively low monthly cost.