Agile Quarterback Services

Quarterback = Leading – Directing – Guiding – Marshaling the team

This is an advanced form of Agile coaching for the JIRA Agile platform. By leveraging all the capabilities of JIRA, clients can more successfully measure and improve the performance of Agile teams. The way the service works is that Blended Perspectives provides an experienced JIRA analyst and Agile Coach who utilizes the JIRA Software tools to continuously monitor the health and progress of all Agile and general software projects.

Benefits of this service

  • Early identification of problem projects for remediation
  • Pro-active encouragement of teams to apply best practices
  • Cross enterprise sharing of best practices
  • Enhanced ROI on current Agile projects
  • More rapid set up of Agile projects delivering early ROI and value from teams
  • Portfolio tuning and investment analysis leading to more effective ROI for IT as a whole


Building an enterprise Agile maturity model


By implementing the JIRA Agile Quarterback service organizations will rapidly be able to determine how they are evolving and performing. Poorly performing Agile teams can pose risks to enterprises due to a failure to meet business objectives or under delivering on expectations.

The Blended Perspectives Enterprise Agile Maturity model captures both the innate Agile performance of teams as well as their capability to follow disciplined project based processes such as risk management. This is achieved through the Synthesis Advanced Agile Configuration template for JIRA projects. By leveraging JIRA analysis and reporting capabilities Blended Perspectives can provide clients with a unique enterprise perspective on their project team’s performance and overall portfolio.