Our Partners

Blended Perspectives is always on the look out to understand and help clients adopt great 3rd party add-ons for the Atlassian Suite.

Here are some of our existing partnerships:

  1. Atlassian, for
    • Confluence
    • Team Calendars
    • JIRA
    • JIRA Agile
  2. ALM Works, makers of
    • Structure for JIRA
  3. Arsenale, makers of
    • Dataplane (Business Intelligence)
    • Lockpoint
  4. Comalatech, makers of
    • Ad hoc Workflows
    • Ad hoc Canvas
  5. Gliffy Inc, makers of
    • Gliffy
  6. Refined Wiki, makers of
    • Refined Wiki
  7. TM Software, makers of
    • Tempo
  8. Stepstone Technologies, makers of
    • Zen Foundation

If you are a 3rd party vendor for the Atlassian Suite, pleaseĀ contact us today and we’ll discuss.