Atlassian Confluence

What is it

Confluence is Atlassian’s own Wiki application for creating, organizing, and discussing work with your teams. It can act as a document repository for your teams, or an Intranet to share information across your organization. Simply put, Confluence is a powerful engine for collaboration.

Key Features

  • One place to create and enhance all of your team’s documents.
    • Create, evolve, and capture all of your team’s documents from meeting notes to project plans using pre-built templates. Share and organize them in one central location for easy access and visibility.
  • Robust project collaboration platform.
    • Make team collaboration and discussion easier with likes, in-line comments, and @-mentions. Ensure that you’re always part of the feedback loop and in the know.
  • Extensive knowledge base.
    • Share your latest work, guides, manuals, and more with your team. Follow other thought leaders in your org and stay up to date with the work of your teammates.
  • Strong Jira Integration
    • Display JIRA issues on Confluence pages for complete project transparency
    • Add context to your JIRA projects with comments, reports, and more within Confluence
    • Deep integration and automatic linking makes it easy to move between the two platforms

Customer Stories