Our Partners

Blended Perspectives’s mission is to better understand and help clients adopt great 3rd party add-ons for the Atlassian Suite. If you are a 3rd party vendor for the Atlassian Suite, please contact us today.

Here are some of our existing partnerships:

Atlassian, for

  • Confluence
  • Team Calendars
  • JIRA
  • JIRA Agile

ALM Works, makers of Structure for JIRA

Arsenale, makers of

  • Dataplane (Business Intelligence)
  • Lockpoint

Comalatech, makers of

  • Ad hoc Workflows
  • Ad hoc Canvas

Gliffy Inc, makers of Gliffy

Refined Wiki, makers of Refined Wiki

TM Software, makers of Tempo

Stepstone Technologies, makers of Zen Foundation

Our consulting customers span Corporate, Small Business, Government and Non-profit Sectors include: Finance, Science, Transportation, Food, Building Management and Architecture. We’ve likely helped clients like you, and if we haven’t yet, we can.