Eight characteristics of healthy leadership teams

As part of the the Atlassian Team Health Check toolkit, research was conducted to identify key leadership team characteristics;

  • Balance
  • Cohesiveness
  • Shared understanding
  • Value based metrics
  • Decision Making
  • Managed Dependencies
  • One pager
  • Velocity

You can read more about these attributes here

Lets discuss Balance though in this first installment about leadership. Atlassian’s view of “balance” is that the team has the¬†right people, knowing what is expected of them.

  • Team roles are explicit,
  • Clear accountability
  • Team size is not too large

The key technique Atlassian suggests is that teams score themselves based on these characteristics – thumbs up, thumbs down and thumb neutral. Then the suggestion is that the team adopts various “team plays” to assist in addressing any issues. One of them is adopting a DACI template. ¬†DACI stands for

  • Driver
  • Accepter
  • Contributors
  • Informed